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Chaz Volk

Chaz Volk

Founder and CEO

Mr. Thrive Media - Marvin Estevez

Marvin Estevez

Associate Producer

Brady Morgan

Brady Morgan

CEO of VASA and VA Agent

Bonnie Williams - Casting Director

Bonnie Williams

Casting Director

Mr. Thrive Media - Noa Drori

Noa Drori

Web Developer

Mr. Thrive Media - Sarah Wald

Sarah Ward


Mr. Thrive Media - Mission Statement

Our Mission

Mr. Thrive Media is a young multi-media agency positioned to bring a progressive level of communication and marketing to brands.

Mr. Thrive Media’s network consists of clients around the world, representing a wide array of backgrounds, genders, races, ethnicities, abilities, sexualities, and religions. We are proudly dedicated to the promotion of equity and diversity in multi-media.

Meet Chaz Volk

Meet Chaz Volk

Charles “Chaz” Volk is a Los Angeles native that always knew that he thrived in the creative space. Tinkering with various crafts from a young age he picked up photography, literature, music, acting and more, hungry to find the vice that would stick.

At San Francisco State University’s film school, he approached directing, screenwriting, and producing which led to his thesis film The Painter (2017). While at SFSU, he was also introduced to audio production, which would later spark a multitude of opportunities down the road. It gave him the chance to be mentored by Dan Olmsted, known for The English Patient (1996), Boogie Nights (1997), and The Mothman Prophecies (2002). As a graduate, Chaz jumped onto commercials and tv shows to provide audio with the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Terry Crews, Natasha Leggero, and more.

It didn’t take long for Chaz’s freelance work in audio production to segue into the business of producing podcasts. In the greenroom of a studio, he started a hobby, discovered it’s potential from his own gain, and found a way to provide that same formula of success to other businesses in need. This was just in time for the pandemic, where he saw the abrupt shift to a digital world. Since 2020, Chaz has been the solution for brands to modernize their marketing tools.

Today, Chaz contributes to referral networks and peers alike, acting as a resource for careers, mentorship, and opportunities. He’d like you to know that you can reach out to him at anytime for advice and resources. He’s there for you as he prides himself as being a “Go-Giver”.

He also wants you to know that on his off time, he enjoys travel, trying food, carpentry, board games, and exercising.