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Celebrating Memorial Day with Podcasts: 6 Veteran Podcasts 

Here at Mr. Thrive Media, we love any holiday or day of recognition we can celebrate with podcasts. Celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts is right up our alley. It fits in with some of our favorite holidays with podcast celebrations. Those include the International Day of Happiness, National Good Samaritan Day, and Women’s History Month

In celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts, we’re focusing on podcasts created for veterans. Memorial Day is dedicated to the people who died protecting our country, but it also often is tied to veterans and those currently serving. 

This holiday is dedicated to being thankful for those who have given their lives in service to our country. That thanks can come in many forms. The podcasts we’ll dive into show thanks for veterans by providing resources and a community specifically for vets. 

Celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts is, at its heart, a time to celebrate Memorial Day and fallen soldiers, and veterans for their service. For any veterans reading this Mr. Thrive blog post, thank you for keeping us safe.                                                         

What Is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day, celebrated the last Monday of May, is a day of recognition for everyone who has died in military service for the United States. Memorial Day started after the American Civil War. It was originally known as Decoration Day. It became an official federal holiday in 1971. 

Many people celebrate Memorial Day by visiting the graves of fallen soldiers, enjoying family gatherings, and participating in Memorial Day parades. Some people simply enjoy having a federal holiday to appreciate time off from work. For those who have lost loved ones to military service, Memorial Day is an especially touching day. 

Celebrating Memorial Day with Podcasts

At Mr. Thrive Media, podcasts are a part of everything we do. When we thought about celebrating Memorial Day, we couldn’t help but think of celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts. Podcasts are tied to service members in many ways. 

There are public speakers in podcasting who bring attention to the finer points of serving in the military. Podcast accessibility comes into play with making podcasts accessible for vets, and those currently serving. Bringing in podcast guests who have served in the military is a way podcast hosts can support those who serve. 

Overall, celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. If you’re looking for something to enjoy on Memorial Day, listening to a podcast about the military and those who have served is a great option.

6 Top Veteran Podcasts

While Memorial Day isn’t dedicated to veterans of the U.S. military, the day is often tied to celebrating vets in an unofficial sense. While we thank members of the military who died in service, we also are grateful to those who served, and who can thank directly. That’s why, for our podcast celebration, we’re focusing on types of podcasts that are designed for veterans. 

These six podcasts are dedicated to helping veterans and bringing attention to those who have served. We know what we’ll be listening to on Memorial Day this year. If you’re joining us in celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts, any of these podcasts will make for something perfect to listen to. 

6. Women of the Military

Women of the Military is a podcast hosted by Amanda Huffman. Huffman is also the creator of Airman to Mom, a resource for women who have served and become parents. Huffman’s goal is the same in both endeavors: to provide space for women and female-identifying members of the military. 

On Women of the Military, Huffman interviews women who have served in the military, and women currently serving. It’s a podcast designed to share information about the military experience for women and create space for those women in the military.

5. Veterans Chronicles

Veterans Chronicles, brought to the world of podcasts by Radio America, is a podcast focused on sharing the stories of those who have served. In each hour-long episode, Veterans Chronicles features veterans of the military. They share their stories, so listeners can understand more about the military and what serving really means. 

Veterans Chronicles is a great podcast for anyone looking to learn more about what it’s really like to be in the military. It gets deep, personal, and touching in many unexpected ways. 

4. Home Base Nation

Home Base Nation is a podcast built for veteran and family care for those related to the military. The podcast is dedicated to helping those who have served and their family members. Each episode is a reflection on an aspect of returning to civilian life and living a fulfilling life after life in relation to the military. 

Home Base Nation is an excellent podcast to listen to for anyone who wants to be more connected with those who have served. It is, first and foremost, a podcast resource for those who have served, and anyone closely affected by military service.

3. Connecting Vets

Connecting Vets is a podcast produced by Audacy. It’s a news-based podcast, designed for vets and those who are interested in learning more about the military. Connecting Vets is an extension of the business of Audacy, which is dedicated to sharing information for and about the military and veterans. 

Connecting Vets is a wonderful resource for veterans. It is also one of the best podcasts for people who want to pick up facts about the military. Audacy in general is a resource for everyone looking to learn more.

2. Vets First

The Vets First podcast is brought to us by hosts Levi Sowers Ph.D., and Brandon Rea. The podcast is focused on providing resources and information about the VA healthcare system and the patients it treats. 

The VA healthcare system can be a pain point for many veterans, with the intricacies of the system causing confusion and frustration. Vets First provides information about the VA system. Through interviews with vets who have gone through processes with the VA, the system is made easier to understand and navigate.

1. The Veterans Voice

The Veterans Voice is brought to us by Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center and produced by USAA. USAA is a service company for insurance, banking, retirement, and more for veterans, active service members, and their family members. The Veterans Voice is made to improve the lives of veterans, active duty military members, and family members of vets and active duty people. 

The Veterans Voice, like the other podcasts on this list, is an example of a podcast that gives a voice to veterans and military members. It provides resources and a place to feel included. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Memorial Day and Podcasts

Celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts is one of many ways to appreciate this day. Our answers to these frequently asked questions address other ways to enjoy Memorial Day and celebrate the meaning behind the day. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Memorial Day, these answers will get you started.

What are Three Things People Do On Memorial Day?

Three common things people do to celebrate Memorial Day are:

  • Visiting the graves of veterans and those who died in military service. Many graveyards put out flags around the graves of veterans and those who died in service. People with family members in the service who died visit graves, and often leave a flag or other token of remembrance.
  • Participating in Memorial Day parades. Memorial Day parades are a show of appreciation for veterans and those who died in the service. They are patriotically themed and are a gathering place for families to celebrate Memorial Day.
  • Putting out American flags at home. Many Americans celebrate Memorial Day by decorating with American flags at home. 

These three ways of celebrating Memorial Day are ways to thank those who have served and be grateful for those loved ones we have with us. 

What Is a Good Memorial Day Message?

For a good Memorial Day message, a message about thanking those who gave their lives in service for our country is a good place to start. If you’ve lost a loved one in service, a personal message can be a touching tribute. Overall, saying thank you to those who have served is a good Memorial Day message.

What Podcasts Should You Listen to on Memorial Day?

Any podcasts about veterans, military service, and those in the service are good options to listen to on Memorial Day. The six podcasts mentioned in this blog post are a great place to start. 

Do People BBQ on Memorial Day?

Yes, people do celebrate with barbecues on Memorial Day. Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July are the three most popular days in the United States for grilling and hosting barbecues. 

Podcasting Through Memorial Day: Remembrance In Every Episode 

Whether you’re celebrating Memorial Day with podcasts, with family, or with any other form of remembering fallen military service members, it’s a day for recognition and remembrance. If you’re making a podcast about veterans, the military, or, well, any other subject, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media for podcast services.

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