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Celebrating the International Day of Happiness: 7 Factors

Celebrating the International Day of Happiness is a worldwide event every year on March 20. It’s a time to appreciate the happiness we have in life, and search for it if we’ve been struggling to find happiness. Around the world, happiness is something everyone could use more of, no matter how much we already have. 

Here at Mr. Thrive Media, we work to find happiness every day. In our weekly team meetings, we start with sharing our “warm fuzzies” for the week. They help us let each other know what’s been making us feel happy. It’s a way to connect and help us all find happy mindsets–that fit our attitude of gratitude

In this Mr. Thrive Media blog post, we’ll walk you through the reasons we celebrate the International Day of Happiness. We’ll also dive into the happiness we feel around our company all year long.

What Is International Day of Happiness? 

International Day of Happiness is a day dedicated to helping people around the world realize the happiness that is present in their lives. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly on June 28, 2012. International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide on March 20. It serves as a reminder of how much happiness there is to be found in the world. 

The extended meaning of celebrating the International Day of Happiness is to recognize the importance of happiness in our lives. There’s a Heath Ledger quote: “Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married, or own a house as if life was some kind of grocery list. But no one ever asks you if you are happy.” 

International Day of Happiness is dedicated to making the time to check in and see if we’re happy. It’s a small act on a daily basis that can have a huge impact.

Finding Happiness 

Ultimately, celebrating the International Day of Happiness is all about finding happiness. It can be about finding the happiness we already have around us. It can also be about finding something to be happy about that you hadn’t considered before. Happiness crops up in the most unexpected places, and we can find it, as long as we’re open to it being in our lives.

For celebrating the International Day of Happiness this year, we at Mr. Thrive decided to check in with friends, coworkers, and clients alike to see where our happiness comes from. Some of us find happiness in work or our hobbies. For others, it’s all about who we’re spending time with, or making something special of an ordinary day. All of it is worthy of celebration.

In Work 

In finding happiness in work, one of the most important things to remember is, as much fun as work can be, it’s part of a balanced life. Our founder, Chaz Volk, is a prime example of loving work and keeping it as part of a balanced happy life. 

For Chaz, in his words, “What makes me happiest is spending quality time with those who value me as much as I value them. That’s a very formal-business way of saying those I care about; I care about all of my clients. I give them and their needs the attention they deserve. 

When I hang up my business hat and leave the office, I get to carry on that energy to my friends and be there for them as well. The fact that I have that ability makes all the difference.”

When we have happiness at work, it lets us carry that happiness to our lives outside the office, and to our loved ones. Sharing that happiness is one of the best ways of celebrating the International Day of Happiness. 

With Hobbies 

Between work and time with friends and family, there’s time for ourselves which is another opportunity for celebrating the International Day of Happiness. That time is ideal for hobbies and activities that bring us joy. Our copywriter, Sarah Ward, builds her life around having enough time to enjoy hobbies and chill time. 

In her words, “My main focus with finding happiness these days is by balancing my life with activities that are just for my enjoyment. That can mean going out for brunch, sitting with my roommates and the cats, or playing the guitar just for me. Having those activities and hobbies gives me something easy to do when I need to rest. It also has an edge of productivity because I’m looking after my well-being.”

Hobbies give us the space to have happiness that is purely for the purpose of feeling good. It’s something everyone needs to live a balanced life. 

With Friends and Family 

Finding happiness with friends and family is something we all have in our lives if we’re lucky. In our discussions with our team and clients about celebrating the International Day of Happiness, one client had a particularly touching story about finding happiness with family. Stuart Levy of TOKYOPOP told us about the circumstances around the birth of his daughter. 

In his own words, “The International Day of Happiness is a very special day for me personally since my daughter was born on exactly that day, one year ago (March 20, 2022). She’s already a global citizen–having traveled from our home in Berlin, Germany to Portugal, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Bali, and Tokyo all in her first year of life (celebrating her 1-year-old birthday with us in Tokyo). In so many ways she is the embodiment of the International Day of Happiness! Wishing everyone a wonderful day from the Levy Family (and Ophelia Levy herself).”

Stuart’s joy in his family is something he can celebrate every day. With his daughter’s birthday falling on the International Day of Happiness, however, it becomes an even more special day.

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

We found our inspiration for making the ordinary extraordinary with Red Española, our digital marketer. When we asked Red what she’s happiest about these days she had a wholesome response we can all hope to experience. 

Red said, “There’s a lot in this world to be happy about. As of now, I’m very happy that I’m able to heal my inner child and do things I missed when I was younger. I’m happy that I’m able to experience the simplicity and the extravagance of life without losing myself. I’m happy because of the little things that make me feel that life is worth living.”

There’s never a bad time to work on healing your inner child and experiencing the best parts of life in moderation. Red inspires the Mr. Thrive team to keep building skills professionally while simultaneously working on happiness. 

Another partner in the Mr. Thrive team, Noa Drori, our web developer, also focuses her happiness on the joys of daily life. 

In her words, “If I go back and think about all the times I was truly happy, I think of memories and times spent with friends, family, and loved ones. But the moments that bring me the most joy are the rare couple of minutes of solitude, sitting by a window when it is pouring rain outside. Thinking of nothing yet being the most connected to myself.”

Noa’s happiness covers a range of activities. Her focus on those moments of solitude and peace is something we can all relate to in our own lives. Those peaceful moments are often when we can most feel the happiness that is always there, if we only take the time to look.

Happiness for Mr. Thrive Media

Happiness for Mr. Thrive Media is about finding the balance between all the ways we can find happiness in life. We work for our clients for business purposes, but one of our ultimate goals is that we share happiness across the client relationship. That way, when we all step away from work, we can bring happiness into the rest of our lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions About International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness inspires more than happiness, it inspires questions too! Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you ideas of what to do for celebrating today. They’ll also give you tips on finding happiness throughout the year. 

Who Celebrates International Day of Happiness?

International Day of Happiness is officially celebrated by the United Nations, and it extends across the world. It’s one of the most universal holidays because it doesn’t exclude anyone, any group, or any idea of happiness. If you’re finding happiness, you’re celebrating the right way.

What Should You Do On the International Day of Happiness?

On the International Day of Happiness, your main goal should be finding happiness. That can include finding it for yourself or sharing it with others. Doing both is the best option! It’s a day for happiness and love, and can lead to those values being highlighted every other day too. 

What are the Keys to Finding Happiness?

One key part of finding happiness is knowing what your goals are in life, and working toward them regularly. When we talk about goals, many people think of work goals first and foremost. It’s time to shift that train of thought. 

Your goals could be as straightforward as having something that makes you happy every day. Working toward that goal will help you get there, even on rough days.

International Day of Happiness: Finding Happiness Every Day

When it comes to celebrating happiness, it’s not something we should limit to just one day. At Mr. Thrive, we bring joy to our work every day, with clients and our team. If you’re looking for a podcast production and marketing agency built on happiness and a job well done, reach out today!

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