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Free Digital Ecosystem Audit: Prep for Q1 with Mr. Thrive

Here at Mr. Thrive Media, we’re happy to announce our free digital ecosystem audit. This free audit of your business and marketing plan is designed to prep your business for Q1 and beyond. However your business is currently operating and performing, our audit will help you find room for growth.

During our free digital ecosystem audit, we will take a look at your marketing plan, current operations, and any goals you have for Q1. Once we’ve done our audit we’ll give you a breakdown of what we found and what you should do going forward. Read on to learn more about digital ecosystem audits and what ours can do for you.

What Is a Digital Ecosystem Audit?

A digital ecosystem audit is an in-depth examination of your current digital initiatives and strategies. The audit examines what you’re currently working with and how your digital initiatives are performing. The examination determines how your strategies are working and who you are reaching. It also delves into whether you’re meeting the needs of your current consumers and your ideal audience.

When it comes to digital outreach and marketing initiatives, you can do all the right things. If you’re not measuring your work through analytics, however, you won’t get very far. You have to know what is working, what isn’t working, and how you can improve. A digital ecosystem audit helps you get started with that project of education and improvement.

Mr. Thrive’s Audit Plan

Mr. Thrive’s free digital ecosystem audit is designed to closely examine your digital marketing campaigns and strategy. Our analysis will take a deep dive into your current digital footprint and audience impact. With our expertise in multi-media marketing and how it relates to every aspect of your business, you’ll be prepped for a better-than-ever upcoming Q1.

While every business is different, marketing needs and solutions are similar across the board. Our audit views your business and digital practices through the lens of multi-media marketing. We’ll find the areas you need to focus on and give you practical ways to grow your business.

Marketing Solutions

At Mr. Thrive Media, cross-channel marketing solutions are a key component of the work we do for you. We’re practiced on a variety of social media platforms. Our team of experts offer insights into the niche areas of marketing in a digital space. From SEO-driven blog writing services to social media management we grow your business, giving you time to focus on enjoying your business success.

Our audit of your marketing strategies and current campaigns dives into the finer aspects of digital marketing. Whether you’ve analyzed your advertising or optimized for SEO before, you’ll be prepared for digital success going forward.

Social Media Management

Whether you have a social media manager or you’ve been winging it, our audit of your social media will give you room to grow. From analyzing page visitors to checking your hashtag usage, we’ll see what’s working and what you can add to your social media plans.

Content Creation

Content creation is vital for any business and their digital presence. Content creation covers everything from your social media custom graphics to your website’s blog. Your free digital ecosystem audit will examine the reach of your content and find areas of potential improvement. In content creation, there is always room to find new creative content ideas.


Advertising is something every business does in some form or another. Your advertising may be on the base level of relying on word-of-mouth reviews and recommendations. Our audit will look into your ad plan. You may find that paid advertising is a worthwhile venture to get your brand in front of a wider audience.


If you’ve been running your website and blog without an SEO focus, our audit can show you the best ways to invest in SEO. We offer blog writing services with SEO-backed practices, to help you make the most of your blog and website. With SEO best practices, your website can be a tool to bring in new leads on a regular basis.

Analytics Analysis

Yes, the phrase analytics analysis seems redundant. When you break it down in an audit, however, it becomes clear. Our audit will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your business. The strength of that analysis, however, comes from diving into it and implementing solutions based on that analysis.

Analytics Implementation

Once we’ve finished examining your digital ecosystem we’ll move forward with solutions to build your digital presence and boost your business. The implementation of digital marketing best practices will give you new opportunities for growth with your desired customer base.

After a digital ecosystem audit, there are several general steps you should take. Those steps are:

Identifying strategic alternatives. If your current plan can be improved the best course of action is to find alternatives to fit into your business plan.
Prioritizing your alternative plans. An audit may uncover several areas you should work on. Multi-tasking isn’t always the best option, so prioritizing the changes you want to make is a good place to start.
Building a roadmap for your business and marketing plan going forward. A definitive plan should be written out and shared with your team or any accountability partners. That will make it more likely that your plans will come to fruition. A plan written down becomes an actionable guide.

We will provide strategic ways to work with these to-do items to get you ready for your best Q1 yet. The best option, to minimize your added workload and reach the best results is to work with Mr. Thrive Media. Our team of experts and range of services will help you implement your audit solutions with ease. You’ll find new opportunities for your business through the services we offer.

Virtual Assistance

In auditing your business we might find that you would benefit from extra assistance on a freelance basis. That’s where virtual assistants come in handy. We’ve partnered with VASA to make it easier than ever for you to hire virtual assistants. VASA’s assistants can help you with any and all aspects of your business.

Podcast Production

Whether you have a podcast business or not, any business can benefit from all types of podcasts. Our bread and butter as an agency is podcast production. If your audit reveals room for growth in the podcast market, our podcast services can guide you there.

Web Design

Every website has room for improvement. As part of our audit, we’ll review the efficiency and aesthetics of your website and identify areas that can be updated. Our web designer–who redesigned the Mr. Thrive site–can take the voice of your brand and update your site to draw in more customers with a streamlined, user-friendly design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Ecosystem Audits

A digital ecosystem audit is vital in this day and age. So much of your business growth is dependent on your digital presence. Knowing the reach and effectiveness of your presence helps you make better use of your digital tools.

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you learn more about the ins and outs of a digital ecosystem audit. They’ll also show you the benefits of undergoing an audit and implementing the suggested improvements.

What Does a Digital Audit Include?

A digital audit includes a comprehensive analysis and report of your website. The audit covers your website’s efficiency and scans for any technical issues. It checks the rank of individual pages and overall status.

A digital audit determines where the most traffic is coming from, so you can make more of what your audience is looking for. The audit also covers how much ROI your site is generating. Overall, a digital audit tells you what is working on your site, what isn’t working, and how much value your site provides.

What are the Six Core Elements of Digital Transformation?

The six core elements of digital transformation are:

– Innovation
– Collaboration
– Experience
– Infrastructure modernization
– Operational excellence
– Information and insights

Those elements come together to help you grow your business and see your opportunities from a new perspective. The Mr. Thrive Media digital ecosystem audit gives you the tools you need to implement those elements and plan for business success.

What are the Three E’s In Auditing?

The three E’s of auditing are economy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Economy is all about how a business obtains resources at the right time for the best price. Efficiency refers to how those resources and services are used in the most efficient manner for the business. Effectiveness sums up the three E’s with a focus on how a business moves forward with its operations.

Digital Ecosystem Audit: SWOT Away Your Business Concerns

Our free digital ecosystem audit will help you prep for Q1 and get your business on track for greater success in the future. Working with Mr. Thrive Media to implement solutions for your business will leave you free to build your brand and continue to grow your business. Reach out today to schedule your free audit.

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