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Goals for 2023: Mr. Thrive’s New Year’s Plans and Outlook

In 2023 Mr. Thrive Media is looking to take what we’ve learned in the last few years and continue to grow. From building our multi-media marketing agency with podcast production services to continuing to operate within our digital ecosystem plan, we’re planning an exciting year.

This Mr. Thrive blog post is our space to share our goals for 2023 with you. We’ll even aim to inspire you for your 2023 New Year’s resolutions. Read on to learn about our 2023 plans and overall outlook, and about the best ways to make New Year’s resolutions and have the year you want.

2023 Plans and Outlook

At Mr. Thrive Media we’re mapping out our plans for Q1 and the rest of 2023. In 2022 we refocused our attention on our marketing services. We’ve built partnerships and reshaped our agency through a website refresh. We’ve also given a shape and name to our collective focus on digital impacts and ecosystems, for our clients and ourselves.

Our goals for 2023 include a variety of work for our clients–current and future, ourselves, and our business partners. These four facets of our work for the new year are the basics of our plans. As the year moves on we will continue to flesh these out and act with them in every moment.

4. The Digital Ecosystem

In 2022 we designed our take on the digital ecosystem. The ecosystem involves every aspect of your online presence. It includes social media, blogs, SEO content, web pages, email marketing, and so much more. For 2023 we’ll continue to focus our approach to marketing and content creation and production around the digital ecosystem.

Our digital ecosystem includes:
– Marketing solutions
– Advertisements
– Content creation
– Social media management
– Analytics analysis
– Web design
Virtual assistance
– Podcast production

These features of the digital ecosystem all have the ability to apply to your business. You may already be working with some of them. Some could be brand new for you.

Whatever your situation is, working with Mr. Thrive in 2023 will give you room to grow in these categories. Our focus this year will center on providing top-notch services in each area of the digital ecosystem. We will also focus on curating our own digital ecosystem.

3. Partnership Plans

We’ve been building our partnership network to offer you the best services. In the new year, we’re looking forward to strengthening our current partnerships and forging new partnerships as well. We’re an agency built around bringing together the best of the best. That’s our focused goal when it comes to our partnerships.

Currently, our partnerships include:
– Marvin Estevez, our associate producer
– Brady Morgan, the CEO of VASA and a VA agent
– Bonnie Williams, the casting director for our voice actors
– Noa Drori, our web development partner
– Sarah Ward, our in-house copywriter

In 2023 we’re looking to continue our work with these partners. We’re finding new ways to work together and support each other. As small business owners and freelancers, our partnerships are centered on creating space in our respective industries. We look forward to finding new ways to do so in the new year.

2. Agency Goals

For our agency work throughout the year, we’re focusing on refining work within each facet of the digital ecosystem. We’re also building our business from the inside. With hires from VASA giving us additional support, partnerships with some exceptional small businesses, and our network of clients and mentors, we’re bulking up our agency.

In 2022 we turned from a podcast production and networking group to a full-time multi-media marketing agency with a specialization in podcast production. We are maintaining our roots in podcasting while expanding our marketing services. Our partnerships, as well as a variety of excellent opportunities through 2022, have made this business shift possible.

We’re a small but mighty business. Our services are powered by individuals with talent to spare and entrepreneurial spirits. Those factors are some of the building blocks of our agency. As we grow, we’ll stay in touch with those bases of our plan.

1. Client Benefits

Our most client-facing goal for 2023 is amplifying how we can serve your business. The services Mr. Thrive offers, from an easy way to hire virtual assistants to website design, are relevant to every business and industry. Yes, that sounds quite confident. We are confident in our ability to help your business grow.

In 2022 we offered a free digital ecosystem audit. The goal of that audit was to help businesses and business owners find areas they could grow into in their digital space. If you took advantage of that free audit you’re already on your way to new business opportunities. If not, have no fear, Mr. Thrive Media is still here to help.

With every client in 2023 and beyond, we’ll focus our tailored marketing and podcast services around your digital ecosystem. Every step of our work for you centers on ensuring your digital presence is the best it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Year’s Resolutions

This blog post is dedicated to the goals Mr. Thrive Media has for 2023. We’re focusing on our business, our clients, our partners, and the ecosystem we work in. Of course, everyone here has their own personal goals for 2023. Many of those goals are also business related.

For our answers to these frequently asked questions, we decided to shift the focus to your New Year’s resolutions. Will they be business goals? Personal achievements you’re seeking? Knowledge-seeking challenges? Fun adventures to search for throughout the year? Anything goes! These answers will help you get started.

What are the Top Five New Year’s Resolutions?

The top five most common New Year’s resolutions are:
1. Get in shape, or do something related to your physical health
2. Eat healthier, with more greens, less processed food, and more home-cooked meals
3. Meet new people, including friendships, dating, and business ventures
4. Get better sleep, which ties into health and success
5. Discover new skills or hobbies, from useful skills to delightful hobbies

Of course, these resolutions mainly focus on personal goals. They are all focused on building healthy habits and finding new ways to enjoy life. These principles are also applicable to business-related resolutions.

What are some Unique New Year’s Resolutions?

Some of the most unique New Year’s resolutions include:
– Taking your photo in five interesting, new-to-you places
– Learning a party trick, perhaps even one you can use on New Year’s Eve next year
– Breaking a record, whether it’s a personal record or a world record
– Making a friendship goal for each month
– Learning to feel comfortable with your body and yourself
– Doing something you enjoyed as a child that you don’t do anymore
– Trying a new food each week, with an added bonus if you cook something new
– Doing something unexpected every month

These unique resolutions will bring excitement to your year. You never know if you’ll find a new hobby, favorite food, best memory, or new friends.

What’s the Best New Year’s Resolution?

The best New Year’s resolution fully depends on your goals. It could be business related or on a personal level. It could be about health, education, relationships, careers, skills and hobbies, or really anything at all. We aren’t planning to limit ourselves to one best New Year’s resolution and unless you’re only planning for one resolution, you shouldn’t either.

The best options include starting an attitude of gratitude journal, trying something new, exercising in a fun way, or picking up a new skill. If you’re looking for something to start your year off right, these options are a great place to begin.

How Do You Start a Positive New Year?

To start a positive new year, the main goal is to be happy and prepared for any plans you make. Resolutions will only get you so far. Actionable goals that lead to the life you’re working toward are the most important factor of New Year’s resolutions.

What Is the Most Famous New Year’s Tradition?

It’s hard to nail down the most famous New Year’s tradition. In America, it’s easy to say the most famous tradition is watching the ball drop in Times Square. On average there are over 150 million people watching the ball drop virtually. That’s in addition to about 1 million in Times Square and over 1 billion worldwide viewers.

That said, there are many other traditions around the globe. In Brazil New Year’s calls for some beach time. In Spain, the tradition is to eat 12 grapes to symbolize each clock strike of the new year. For France, a feast with champagne is the go-to move. Around the world, we celebrate in ways that bring joy and happiness into the new year.

2023 Goals: With 365 Days To Go…

Happy New Year from Mr. Thrive Media. We’re looking forward to the journey of 2023 with all of you. If you missed our free digital ecosystem audit, sign up for a meeting to learn about the digital ecosystem. While the audit is over, our services of everything from podcast production to general marketing support are available year-round.

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