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Hiring Voice Actors: 10 Factors of Hiring Voice Actors

Hiring voice actors gives your brand and business a clear, defined voice. From hiring for a podcast voice actor to finding someone to voice marketing campaigns, finding a pro steps up your business profile. The consistency of working with the same voice actors also leads into brand consistency, which is a key factor for every brand.

Here at Mr. Thrive Media we’ve partnered with a group of voice actors, helmed by Bonnie Williams. When you work with Mr. Thrive you have a direct link to a team of voice actors with experience in a variety of industries. They’ll cover your voice acting needs with ease.

Read on to learn about voice acting and how voice actors can help your business. Beyond that, in this post we dive into the partnership Mr. Thrive has with voice actors, to make the hiring process easier than ever.

What are Voice Actors?

Voice actors are auditory performers who provide voice talent for everything from movies to commercials to video games. They are also known as voice talent and voiceover artists. The full list of work voice actors can do includes:

– Video games
– Feature films
– Short films
– Podcasts
– Commercials
– Audiobooks
– Apps
– E-learning courses
– TV shows
– Radio advertising
– GPS prompts
– YouTube videos
– Social media content

Ultimately, anywhere you need a voice is a space for a voice actor to work. If you find a voice actor you want to keep on as a brand voice, you can work with them to develop new projects.

Why Hire Voice Actors?

When it comes to hiring a voice actor, it’s possible you’ve thought to yourself, “Huh, since it’s talking I could do that myself.” Sure, if you want something barebones you could certainly record your own audio. But why do that when you could hire a pro?

The benefit of hiring voice actors comes in the voice quality, the experience, and the ability to make words jump from the script. Voice actors have been honing their craft since they first started working. They can bring a skill level to your project that elevates your business.

Some of the specific benefits are summed up in the upcoming three reasons to hire voice actors. The level of quality and professionalism is unparalleled. At the end of the day, when you hire a voice actor you are investing in your long term business success.

3. Compelling Messaging

Compelling messaging is necessary for any auditory production. Professional voice actors bring your script to life and add the emotion and message you need to convey. An unpracticed speaker can read a script, but a voice actor can tell a story with your message.

2. High-Quality Vocals

Voice actors tend to lean towards their profession because they have confidence in their voice. Not every voice automatically sounds good on a recording, but voice actors have strong voices. Additionally, they’ve practiced their enunciation, pacing, and tone to craft high-quality productions.

1. Better Business ROI

When your audio productions are professional and compelling, they bring in more business. Hiring a voice actor is a long term investment in your business, to bring in clients and build a base of trust and authority. As you work with voice actors, you’ll see the return on your investment in business profits.

Mr. Thrive’s Voice Acting Services

Mr. Thrive is partnered with Bonnie Williams, a voice actor and owner of The Voiceover Superhero. Bonnie has helped Mr. Thrive expand their voice acting services with her team of freelancers and VO experts. In Bonnie’s words:

“We understand that your time is valuable, and you have a lot on your production to-do list. Why not call in a team of media experts to help save the day?

When it comes to voiceover casting, we have an extensive roster of professional talent available here on the site and other voices upon request. I am so excited to work with Mr. Thrive Media to help you find the right voice for your next project!”

To learn more about our cast of voice actors, click here.

There is a voice for any brand and any medium. Together Bonnie and Mr. Thrive offer voice acting services that cover the following four business needs.

Voice Acting

The general voice acting service covers your basic voice acting needs. This could be a commercial, a radio ad, or an ongoing marketing campaign. Finding a team of voice actors or one actor who suits your needs makes your marketing and content creation work that much easier.

Podcast Voice

From learning about types of podcasts to starting a podcast business there is a lot you can do with a podcast. A pro tip is to hire a voice actor to host, co-host, or provide voiceover work for your podcast. This ups the professional ante of your podcast and gives listeners an authoritative voice to hear.

Brand Tone

Brand tone is another way of describing the mood or emotion you convey with the messages and content of your brand. Finding a voice actor who can convey that mood or emotion with their vocal tone adds to your brand consistency. It’ll draw in your audience and potential clients with auditory marketing.

Brand Ambassador

You may find that one voice actor in particular suits your brand and business. That person can be your brand ambassador. Having a single voice actor who does the majority of your work is the height of brand consistency. Your audience will depend on your content for continuity, and they’ll see your business as one they can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voice Actors

The world of voice acting is one not everyone is clued into. It’s a niche career choice but once you’re in there are endless opportunities. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you some insight into the world of voice acting. They’ll also show a glimpse of the height of voice acting as a profession.


3. Vocal Range

Vocal range gives voice actors the ability to take on innovative roles and adapt to the script. Yes, there should be a clear set of types of voice acting and industries a voice actor works in. Vocal range, however, means you can lend your voice to different emotions and moments with ease.

2. Practiced Enunciation

Enunciation is important for anyone who speaks for a living, but it’s especially important for voice actors. Have you ever listened to a radio ad and not been able to understand the words and the underlying meaning? Probably not, because the voice actors who find the best work have practiced their enunciation to be clear and easy on the ears.

1. Pacing

Pacing combines with enunciation to make a script easy and pleasant to listen to. Pacing naturally occurs in conversation, but when you’re reading a script it’s easy to speed up and start to mumble. A quality voice actor reads a script in a conversational tone and pace, to make the ad, show, or podcast sound natural.

How Do You Get Into Voice Acting?

To get into voice acting, the best things to do are constantly work on your craft and audition as much as you can. Honing your craft will help you become better and consistently good in the long run. Auditioning is necessary, and it should be a high priority while you’re starting and coming into your career.

Beyond those two key factors there are several other things you should do. You should define your voice in terms of the work and genres you want to work with. You don’t need an extremely specific niche, but some level of specificity will help you find the right jobs.

Another key tip is to record a demo reel. You can send your reel to prospective clients and share it with interviewers. In the same way that an actor needs a headshot, you need a demo reel to find new clients.
Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to network! In the voice acting industry and the artistic and entertainment field as a whole, it’s all about you who know. Networking can help you find new opportunities and make friends in the industry.

Who Is The Most Well-Known Voice Actor?

The most widely accepted as the number one well-known voice actor is Mel Blanc. You might not recognize his name but if you’ve seen Looney Tunes you’ve heard his voice. Mel voiced nearly every major cartoon character. His work includes Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat, and Wile E. Coyote.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Voice Actor?

There is a wide range, especially since we allow the voice actors to set their own rate, but a general starting cost to hire a voice actor begins at $100 as a base rate. From there the price rises for word count, overall minutes, and edits or reshoots.

Fun Fact: It’s been said that Morgan Freeman makes $5 to $10 million for his voiceover work.

Voice Actors: Hiring Your Brand Voice

Hiring voice actors can build your business, grow your profits, and help you reach new levels of professionalism. If you’re curious if voice actors are the right move for you, now’s the time to sign up for Mr. Thrive Media’s free digital ecosystem audit.

Our free audit of your digital presence, available through December 31, 2022, will help you see where you can grow your business. If there’s a space in your business for voice actors, we’ll help you find it. Sign up today.

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