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Mr. Thrive Media’s Website Refresh: 4 Key Marketing Services

Over the years here at Mr. Thrive Media, we’ve focused on becoming a business-to-business (B2B) multi-media marketing agency that specializes in podcast production. We’ve been building our brand as we build up yours. We’re happy to announce that now, our newly redesigned website showcases the marketing expertise we bring to our clients.

Our new website will look familiar in terms of color schemes and marketing services, but don’t be fooled, we’ve made some changes. Our services have expanded to cover any and all marketing needs. As our mission statement says:
“Mr. Thrive Media is a young multi-media agency positioned to bring a progressive level of communication and marketing to brands.”

We aim to achieve our mission statement through the marketing services we provide. From podcast production to voice acting to marketing solutions to virtual assistants, our approach to marketing covers all the bases.

Wherever your business or brand is in the scope of your business plan, Mr. Thrive Media can help you grow and find new ways to build profits and reach a wider audience. Read on to learn about the services we provide and how they can help you and your brand.

Podcast Production

Podcast production is where Mr. Thrive Media began back in 2020. Our founder, Chaz Volk, started in podcast production, and the podcasts we’ve worked with are evidence of the support our production services provide. Whether you’re starting a or looking to start a podcast as a singular line of work, we can help.

Our podcast production services include:
– Audio production
Video production
– Podcast distribution
Host coaching
– Target audience evaluation
– Metrics analysis

Our production services are helpful for a podcast of any size. Whether you’re starting a weekly video podcast and you want an expert touch or you’re looking to zero in on your target audience, Mr. Thrive can lend a hand.

The reviews on our homepage from clients we’ve worked with showcase the work we can do for you. We’re also positioned as a flexible agency that can find unique solutions for your specific brand and business needs.

Voice Actors

You might be surprised by how often you’ll need a voice actor depending on your industry and business plan. Having someone to record radio advertisements, audiobooks of your content or voiceovers for your social media reels gives you a polished edge.

Our voice acting services cover a range of services, and they may give you inspiration on what you can hire a voice actor for:

– Voice acting
– Podcast voice
– Brand tone
– Brand ambassador

A voice actor could be a one-off service for your brand information. You may also find that a voice actor–or actors–is a continual benefit for your business. It all comes down to the type of business you’re building. When you’re thinking about what Mr. Thrive Media can do for you, consider the benefits of voice acting, and how those services can grow your business.

Marketing Solutions

Of course, our services wouldn’t be complete without our specific marketing solutions. When it comes to marketing solutions, we offer:

– Website building
– SEO (search engine optimization)
– Ads management
– Content creation
– Social media management
– Analytics analysis

With those base services, we can help you build your business through tried-and-true marketing practices. From SEO tailored to rank on Google’s page one to content creation and social media management to boost your social presence, our marketing team works round the clock–in different time zones, of course.

The best factor across the board of marketing solutions we offer is that they can be built to fit your business. No two businesses are the same, and our marketing solutions are designed to be flexible for your needs.

Virtual Assistants

Depending on the size of your business, you may be looking for some additional support. What if you don’t want to hire someone full-time though? Virtual assistants are the answer to that business need. Virtual assistants can provide specific services without the cost and business management of hiring full-time employees.

We’ve partnered with VASA (Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency) to provide this service. Through Mr. Thrive Media and VASA, you have access to a network of virtual assistants with a variety of specializations. VASA assistants can help you with:

– Administrative work
– Daily task management
– Secretarial responsibilities
– Content distribution

Virtual assistants are a cost-effective and efficient way to scale your business. When you work with virtual assistants, you’re also helping out fellow entrepreneurs with their businesses. As a small business that works with other small businesses, Mr. Thrive Media is proud to offer a service that benefits business owners from both sides of the equation.

Marketing Combinations

Our four key marketing services are excellent options on their own, but they’re even better when paired together. Pairing any of them with marketing solutions will work for any business. Marketing solutions and podcast production is a key strategy for podcast businesses that want to build their podcast audience and grow their profits.

As for voice actors and virtual assistants, those pairings will depend on your business size and needs. For new businesses, you’ll find benefits with marketing solutions and voice actors for specific projects or the general building of your business.

Once you’ve scaled your business, or right before you take a big leap forward, virtual assistants can offer support. That support will give you more time to focus on the rest of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies have been around for quite some time–the 1890s to be precise. That said, there is still plenty of information about marketing agencies that folks outside of the industry can learn more about. From the difference between marketing and advertising to the general questions of what marketing agencies do, there are plenty of questions.

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will provide clarity if you’re new to the world of marketing agencies. They’ll also be a good touch-up if you’re familiar with agencies and you’re looking to learn more.

What Exactly Do Marketing Agencies Do?

A marketing agency works to promote clients and businesses through advertising campaigns and brand building. Three facets of the work a marketing agency does are:

1. Identifying marketing opportunities that will work with different clients and businesses, and that will help the businesses reach their goals.

2. Executing on those marketing opportunities through proven marketing strategies. Of course, proven doesn’t mean only relying on traditional plans. The best agencies combine age-old practices with innovative, creative solutions.

3. Analyzing the performance of those strategies and marketing campaigns to see what works, and what can be improved.

Those three steps are the general practice a marketing agency goes through with each client. Across the board, marketing agencies help clients and businesses find marketing solutions and grow their reach.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Agency?

Businesses and brands need a marketing agency because marketing is multifaceted and complex. Working with experts takes the weight off your shoulders. Finding a marketing agency to find quality solutions and solve problems gives you more time to focus on the rest of your business.

What Is the Difference Between a Marketing Agency and an Advertising Agency?

The difference between a marketing agency and an advertising agency is the scope of work. A marketing agency is typically a business that creates marketing campaigns. The agency also works with clients during the campaign to make sure it goes smoothly and has the desired effect.

An advertising agency’s main job is to execute on the paid portion of marketing campaigns. An advertising agency will work with newspapers, online sites, and other places where advertisements can be placed.

Oftentimes, marketing agencies will encompass the work of advertising agencies. This means more work for the agency, but also greater visibility with future clients. It’s also the best option for clients who want an all-encompassing marketing partner.

What Should I Know Before Hiring a Marketing Agency?

Before you hire a marketing agency, you should know what you want the agency to work with you on. You should also know what you want as an end result. That end result can be for a specific marketing campaign you’re looking to run. It can also be the end marketing goal for your business, which is generally a goal of growing your business audience and profits.

How Do I Hire a Marketing Agency?

There are several ways you can go about the process of hiring a marketing agency. One is to do a Google search for marketing agencies, specifically ones that specialize in your industry. Another option is to ask business owners in your industry who they work with.

Of course, there is one exceptionally easy option: working with Mr. Thrive Media. Mr. Thrive Media can cover all of your marketing needs. Whether you’re looking for blog writers to grow your online presence, or a full-scale marketing team to promote your business, we’ve got you covered.

Mr. Thrive Media Revamped: Refresh Your Marketing Plan, Discover Mr. Thrive Media

Wherever you’re at in your business, Mr. Thrive Media can provide you with a robust marketing service. From podcast-producing pros to marketing experts, we can build a marketing plan that suits your business needs. Reach out today to get started.

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