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Marketing Consulting Services: Mr. Thrive’s Consultations

Our Marketing services are one of the things that Mr. Thrive Media does best. As a multi-media marketing agency specializing in podcast production, we’ve found our way around the marketing plans of clients and our own business ventures. We can curate white-gloved marketing campaigns and run your marketing practices.

What if you’re not sure what those practices should be though? What if you’re still discovering what marketing can do for you and your business? Well, we can help with that too! Among our services, we offer marketing consulting. We can give you steps for building your marketing plans, and support you along the way.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of marketing consulting. We’ll also dive into what Mr. Thrive can do for you in your marketing endeavors.

What Is Marketing Consulting? 4 Benefits

Before we chat about what Mr. Thrive Media can do for you with marketing consultations, it’s important that we all understand the benefits of marketing consulting. It’s different from hiring an in-house marketing team. It’s also different from managing your own marketing. In some ways, it’s a cross between the two.

These four benefits of marketing consulting make it oh-so worth it. Whatever your business is, however large your business is, marketing consulting will help you. It’s scalable, flexible, and above all, cost-effective for any business. It’s beneficial no matter where you’re at with your business and brand growth.

4. Reduced Marketing Stress

Marketing can be a stressful endeavor in any business. There’s a lot of work that goes into a marketing campaign and overall plan. Additionally, there is so much history behind the practice of marketing. It’s a lot to learn as you’re running your business.

Hiring a marketing consultant takes that stress off your shoulders. Sure, you still need to plan marketing and work it into your business. However, you aren’t alone in the process and you have the support of an expert. A marketing consultant gives you ideas, a person to bounce ideas off of, and experience you can rely on.

3. Flexible Marketing Support

Marketing is a multi-faceted beast in the business world. It combines:

– Content marketing
– Email marketing
– Marketing campaigns
– Graphics
– Branding decisions
– Radio ads
– Paid advertising
– Traditional advertising
– Competitor analysis
– Customer research
– SEO and SEM
– Product research

… and much more. Marketing is a vital component of your business and it involves so much work on different levels, at different times.

Hiring a marketing consultant makes it easier for you to address different marketing needs when you need to focus on them. Your consultant isn’t bogged down in the daily tasks of your business, so they can be flexible with different marketing initiatives.

2. Fresh Perspective

Despite the versatility of marketing, it’s easy for the work to become monotonous and tiring if you’re looking at it alone all the time. When you’re coming at a project from the same place your perspective gets tired.

A fresh perspective from your marketing consultant makes all the difference. Bringing in a unique mindset gives you the edge you need to take your marketing to the next level. Yes, we know that’s an overused phrase in business and marketing. In this case, it’s the exact right phrase.

1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Having a full in-house marketing team can be expensive. If you’re a startup or small business, that’s an expense you don’t need to worry about. If you’re working with a small budget, outsourcing is a good option.

A marketing consultant is the best way to outsource your marketing. It gives you the expertise of a marketer without the cost of hiring someone full-time. When you work with Mr. Thrive as a marketing consultant, you also have direct access to virtual assistants. As your business grows you can hire an assistant to come on as further flexible marketing support.

Mr. Thrive’s Marketing Consulting Services

We’re happy to provide marketing consulting services for our clients here at Mr. Thrive Media. Our team has been working in the marketing field for years now. Our expertise team-wide is useful for businesses and brands across the board.

Mr. Thrive is here to provide marketing consultation in whatever area our clients need room to grow. Take, for example, Gary Cohn of Painted Rock Advisors. Gary is a client who was searching for a new way to expand his podcast and generate revenue. He turned to Mr. Thrive for advice and assistance in setting up a Patreon account. In his own words:

“I learned about Patreon a few years back from music historian and composer Robert Greenberg. I joined his page and have followed off and on. Patreon is a wonderful platform to expand my current 5,000 podcast listeners and produce some revenue to cover my expansion costs.”

Through working with Mr. Thrive, Gary is set up with his Patreon account, to bring in revenue and expand his brand. That is the ultimate goal of working with a marketing consultant: growing your business and increasing your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Consultations

A marketing consultant, or really any sort of consultant, is a job title that inspires plenty of questions. What do they do? How much can they help you with? Does every business or brand need a marketing consultant? If you’re looking to hire a marketing consultant or even become one, there are so many pieces of information you should look into.

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you along the way. Of course, if you’re curious about learning more hands-on information about marketing consultations, you can reach out to Mr. Thrive. We can talk you through the consultation services we offer as an initial consultation.

What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

A marketing consultant has the task of assisting companies with the creation and implementation of the best marketing strategies, campaigns, and brainstorms. The goal is to help the company grow its business and reach its target audience. A marketing consultant’s job is to provide support for the company to reach those goals.

A consultant can be hired to consult in many capacities. They could be an outsourced but integrated team member in many ways. They could pop in once a month to check in on plans and answer any questions. Additionally, they could provide ideas for the in-house marketing team to implement.

What are the Five Types of Consulting?

The five general types of consulting are:

1. Strategy consulting: this is where marketing consulting fits in
2. Operations consulting
3. Financial consulting
4. Information technology consulting
5. Human resources consulting

Effectively, there is an area of consulting for every overarching area of a business. There are consultants who work across several of these types of consulting. For example, operations and finances often get paired together.

Who Needs a Marketing Consultant?

Anyone who has a need for marketing with their business or brand needs a marketing consultant. Sometimes even other marketers need a marketing consultant. A marketing consultant brings a new view to your marketing plan. That is always helpful because it lets you see different options and plan further ahead.

If you have a business, and you’re not sure if a marketing consultant would be right for you, Mr. Thrive Media can help. We offer a range of consulting services for different businesses at different levels. Our services are catered to fit your needs.

What are the Four Concepts of Marketing?

The four concepts of marketing are:
1. Target marketing: target marketing is when you have a buyer persona and target audience, and you cater your marketing campaigns directly to them. This can be a general audience, but in some cases, you will also market directly to someone if you’re working with sales.
2. Customer needs: customer needs are the drive behind a lot of marketing work. What do your customers need? How can you market your services to show potential customers that you’ll fulfill their needs? That is vital for successful marketing.
3. Integrated marketing: integrated marketing is the strategy of having a consistent message and aesthetic across the platforms where you have a brand presence. It’s the integration of your brand across all places where a customer can find you.
4. Profitability: profitability is one of the key goals of any business. It’s the end goal of most marketing campaigns.

The other factors of marketing show up within those four concepts. Ultimately, everything you do for marketing is part of one or more of those concepts.

Marketing Consultation Services: Counsel of Marketing Tips and Tricks

Marketing consulting services take your business from good to great. Whether you have a marketing team or marketing experience yourself, it’s always a good idea to bring a fresh perspective. With marketing, there is always something new to test out in a campaign, and you never know where that idea may come from.

At Mr. Thrive, we’re happy to help you with those ideas. Our network is built of podcast producers, marketing specialists, web developers, and virtual assistants with a range of skills. Reach out today to learn what our team can do for you and your marketing initiatives.

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