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End of Year Reflections: The Mr. Thrive Journey Through 2022

At Mr. Thrive Media we lean into the benefit of reflection. It can be personally retrospective, professionally retrospective and even spiritually retrospective. Any reflection over a period of time gives you a new perspective. That’s why the end of the year is one of our favorite times.

We can reflect on the year we’ve had, see how our decisions panned out, and discover if there is something we can change going forward. Speaking of going forward, reflection is the perfect time to plan for the future.

With the end of 2022 in sight, it’s time for reflection and future planning. We’ll walk through the year we’ve had, what we’ve learned, and how we’re preparing for Q1 of next year.

Reflections on 2022

Mr. Thrive’s word of the year is focus! 2022 has been a humbling year. From a professional standpoint, we spent this year setting the groundwork for 2023. We made changes, sought out new growth opportunities, and found our footing with what we do best.

When we first started out in 2020, Mr. Thrive Media had two primary services. We provided b2b podcast production services for advisors and small businesses. We also held networking events for artists and entertainment professionals. It was set up that way since the pandemic.

“Mr. Thrive Media is unabashedly a ‘pandemic business’. We used resources like Zoom to help us reach new audiences and connect people to one another. It was an easy venture to become passionate about during a time of little hope,” reflects Chaz Volk, Founder and Lead Producer of Mr. Thrive Media.

Into 2022

As the business grew into 2022, we learned more and more about the landscape of our business. We became aware of the steps we needed to follow if we were going to grow. We pivoted the business into becoming a multi-media marketing agency that specializes in podcast production.

“We made difficult but rewarding decisions that helped us focus. By honing in on what our goals were, we let our market do the talking. It turned out, we were a marketing business after all.”
So what did we do, exactly? We positioned ourselves to be a firm dedicated to organic marketing. Like many other marketing agencies we built our business to do web design, SEO and copywriting, social media management, graphic design, and more.

However, we also applied what the pandemic exposed to marketers as a new frontier. This includes content creation, podcast production, TikTok management, and all manner of social media platforms in the realm of marketing and influence.

The How Of It

How do we do this? How did we adapt it for 2022? We’re a pretty small agency compared to our counterparts.
Actually, we do some of it but we partner up with world-class agencies that do more. We establish powerful symbiotic relationships designed to fill in the gaps where it has been demanded.

Our network of partners is full of businesses who expand our capabilities in organic marketing. In return, we help them with podcast production and content creation. We’ve built a dynamic web of white-labeled partners across the nation that appeal to different businesses, industries, and unique brands. Funnily enough, we’ve been called “the general contractors” of our industry.

Another fascinating vertical we entered into is the world of virtual assistance. Our clients have the opportunity to work with dedicated Filipino talent thanks to the help of VASA.

VASA specializes in giving time back by introducing cost-effective labor that helps businesses scale. VASA’s resources have allowed our company to provide hands-on help with customer relations while handling a versatile array of tasks.

“Many of our valued partners come from networking groups like Business Network International (BNI), LA Exchange, and ProVisors. Introductions and troikas have sparked many of these meaningful relationships. What these groups have in common is they understand “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Another network we proudly affiliate with is Jewish Business Leaders. Memberships within this organization include philanthropies we pride ourselves on standing by.

2022 Growth

As one might be able to tell, our reach grew wider in 2022. Our mission, however, became far more focused. This called for a new website! With the help of Papion Marketing we launched our new website in November of 2022. With a clear view of what we offer, we introduced what we called The Digital Ecosystem.

In this launch we defined the digital ecosystem as the relationship between various platforms and mediums. We also dove into how it promotes the customer journey in viewing your brand. Through December 31, 2022, we’re also offering a free digital ecosystem audit.

Looking Forward to 2023

For Mr. Thrive Media 2023 is going to be a year of full-on comprehensive planning. Small to mid-market businesses can expect meaningful services that generate leads, build brand awareness, and exceed all expectations.

2022 was a year of growth and exceptional learning opportunities. 2023 is the year to take everything we’ve learned and kick it into a higher gear.

Frequently Asked Questions About End of Year Reflections

End of year reflections have many specific definitions in different areas of life. In work-related areas these reflections can be a written team exercise or a personal time of reflection. In personal life, end of year reflections can be related to, well, anything. End of year reflections will mean something different for everyone, but we’ll provide some general information.

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give advice on having an end of year reflection period. We’ll also chat about New Year’s celebrations, along with some delightful New Year’s greetings and toasts.

How Do You Write an End of Year Reflection?

How you write an end of year reflection will vary depending on what you’re choosing to reflect on. For Mr. Thrive our reflection has been a mix of business and personal growth. Odds are your reflection will be similar, but entirely dependent on who you are and what you do. It will also relate to what your values and goals are. Some prompts to start your end of year reflection include:

– Talking about something you did this year that you will remember for the rest of your life.
– Reflecting on something you accomplished this year that makes you proud.
– Thinking about the acts of kindness you had this year, and potentially the nicest thing you did for someone.
– Considering the most challenging parts of the year, how they have been going, and how they’ve better prepared you for the future.
– Thinking about the one thing you would change from this year if you could. Would you want to change anything?
– Listing the three most important things you learned throughout the year.
– Remembering something that was difficult at the beginning of the year, but now feels easy and maybe even fun.
– Thinking about an area of your life where you made your biggest improvements. Are there any areas were you made a drastic change? How did it go?
– Considering the books you read this year, and whether you had a favorite. What was the genre? What did it teach you?
– Coming up with six adjectives that describe your year.

No matter what area of life you’re reflecting on, there are prompts in this list to get you started. We recommend starting a gratitude journal for the next year to keep track and maintain an attitude of gratitude.

How Do You Run an End of Year Reflection for an Organization?

An end of year reflection for an organization requires a plan for questions, prompts, and an outline for a loose structure of the reflection. The base questions to start with, as a framework behind the reflection, are:

– What happened this year?
– Why do you think it happened?
– What new problems or opportunities did it create?
– Is there something we can do as a result? What are our options?

Next comes your general preparation for the team. In advance ask your team to come prepared with responses to these prompts:

– What is a moment or story of success you have from this year that you’re proud of?
– Is there a challenge you faced this year? What went wrong? Were you disappointed with yourself? How can you overcome it?
– What were the major milestones for you and your team this year?

From there, take some collective deep breaths. This will get everyone in a settled state of mind, ready to continue the reflection. Ask people to list seven things they were grateful for this year. This could be in relation to coworkers, projects, clients, promotions, family, friends, or personal goals.

After these gratitude lists are written, take time to let everyone share the prompts and responses they had prepared. Give them space to reflect on these stories.

Have them zero in on goals from the past year, trace how they went, and see the trajectory for the new year. Ask them about their own goals to see where they should grow in the new year, and what they might want to change. This will bring them full circle.

Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s?

Recognizing and celebrating New Year’s goes back quite some time. It started with Julius Caesar, in 46 B.C., when he introduced the Julian calendar. He named January as the first month, after a Roman god.

The celebration of New Year’s became known as a time to enjoy good meals and extravagant parties to wish luck on the new year. There are a variety of traditions around the world to celebrate New Year’s. The traditional banging of pots and pans at midnight is a rambunctious staple.

Ultimately, we celebrate New Year’s to reflect on the year we’ve had, get excited for the new year, and enjoy our lives.

How Do You Wish Someone a Happy New Year?

When the question popped up of “How do you wish someone a happy New Year?” we had to answer it. These possibilities will cheer your New Year and keep you laughing all year long. Some of the best New Year’s wishes include:

– We started in January, now we’re here again!
– I said this 365 days ago, but Happy New Year!
– Same time next year?
– Whew! Another year done and dusted.
– Cheers to New Year’s!

Yes, those are cheesy. That cheesy and bright humor is perfect for this celebratory holiday.

The End of 2022: What Will 2023 Have In Store?

End of year reflections are the perfect time to review, celebrate the good, be comfortable with the bad, and prepare for the new year. If that preparation is for your business, don’t forget to sign up for the FREE digital ecosystem audit with Mr. Thrive Media. It’s available through December 31, 2022.

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