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Podcast Trends In 2023: 6 Podcast Trends Growing In 2023

At Mr. Thrive Media, we’re looking forward to the podcast trends in 2023 that will help existing podcasts and make way for new types of podcasts. If you’ve been watching the podcast industry over the last several years you might think to yourself, “How are there still new trends? Hasn’t the podcast bubble started to burst?”

The answer is, no, it hasn’t. Podcasts continue to grow as a media source, revenue source, and way to grow your business. The future of podcasts and related media will bring new technology in the next few years, but podcasts aren’t going anywhere. These upcoming trends are proof of the room podcasts still have to grow.

What Is the Future of Podcasts?

When we dive into the six podcast trends in 2023 we’ll be taking a look at the semi-immediate future of podcasting. That future has a long way to move beyond these upcoming trends. Who knows what the trends of 2024, ‘25, or ‘26 will look like? We can, however, say a few sure things about the future of podcasting.

So, what is the future of podcasts? It’s a future of unique voices, shared information, and learning to accept each other. Every week, every month, and in each upcoming year, we’re going to see more podcasts giving points of view we can all benefit from. We can look forward to a future of podcasting that shares information and brings us together.

6 Podcast Trends in 2023

In 2023 we’re entering into a time of niche-specific, revenue-focused, listener-centered, top-quality podcast growth. There will be trends continuing on from 2022 and previous years. There is also sure to be new growth we haven’t seen before. We may need to check in toward the end of the year, to see how these trends have played out.

These six podcast trends in 2023 are going to be beneficial for listeners and podcasters alike. Some of them will be driven by new podcast hosts getting into the game. Others will evolve as listeners get involved and ask for more of what they want to listen to. We’re looking forward to learning how the year goes.

6. Niche Podcasts are Growing–Ironic, We Know

We know, it sounds strange to say that niche podcasts will grow in 2023. Bear with us, you’ll agree in a second. There are so many podcasts out there struggling to nail down their niche. The more of a niche you fill, the more you’ll fulfill the needs of listeners who are intensely interested in that niche.

Take, for example, our founder’s new podcast, Bad Jew. It’s incredibly niche and unique, and while it’s just starting out, it’s due to take the market by storm. The more you make your podcast unique for people searching for an answer, the more you’ll kill it in 2023.

5. Reconsidering Ads as Revenue

Advertising revenue has been a pillar of podcast monetization for as long as podcasts have been a profit source. That said, ads are something that every podcast listener would prefer to avoid. 2023 is the year of finding a balance between the need for monetization and listener preference.

Podcast subscriptions are becoming more mainstream as a way of bringing in profits. An individual subscription cost can be minimal and still make a big difference in revenue. Patreon is a game-changer in this arena. If you’re interested in starting a Patreon, Mr. Thrive’s consulting services can help you along.

4. Podcast Videos are Evolving

We’ve all seen a vodcast before, and maybe you’ve even started your own–or started thinking about it. This is the year to make it happen! The amount of podcast listeners means there are listeners looking for a wide range of ways to enjoy their favorite podcast. There are also types of podcasts–an art-based podcast for example–that benefit from the visual element of a vodcast.

The allure of a vodcast for a host is the ability to bring props and connect with your audience fully during each episode. For listeners, a vodcast gives you the complete experience of the podcast conversation. With eye contact, expressions, and total interaction, vodcasts will continue to grow in popularity.

3. Specialized Equipment Is Becoming the Norm

In 2023, we’re fully leaving the days of recording your podcast on Zoom in the past. The quality businessin recording equipment has grown exponentially since podcasting first took over the world. If you’re not using some of the best equipment, you might already be behind the curve. There is, however, a cost-effective solution.

If you’re not looking to buy all the equipment, get yourself set up with a podcast producer like Mr. Thrive Media. We have the equipment, but better yet, we have the know-how to produce your podcast at its highest possible quality. You’ll save some money and invest in a long-term partnership to grow your podcast.

2. User Experience (UX) Data Is Bringing In Listeners

User experience (UX) is one of the key factors of data analysis and implementation in every business. In podcasting, we could call it the listener experience, or LX. The experience of the listener is one of the primary factors podcasters base their strategy around. But how much do we really know about that experience?

Every business gathers data in some way or another, and a lot of that data is UX–or LX–data. This is the year of learning more about using that data to make changes. The more you learn from your data, the more you can cater to your listeners and grow your audience.

1. Corporate Podcasting Is Growing

There was a time when businesses and podcasts didn’t mix. This partnership has developed in recent years, and 2023 is the year for even more expansion. There are plenty of small businesses with podcasts these days. We’re here for that, every small business can benefit from the audience that comes with a podcast.

There’s also room for corporations to join the podcast game. This is a change that will continue beyond 2023. If you’re working in a corporate office, thinking to yourself, “We need something new, something fun,” a podcast is worth exploring. Mr. Thrive’s podcast production services are scalable and will work on a corporate level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcast Trends of 2023

When you talk about trending topics, questions come up. How do we know these things will happen? Is there a level of certainty? Well, no, but we can piece together the past and look into the future of what podcast listeners want. That is our greatest indicator of the future of the industry.

Our answers to these frequently asked questions are helpful on the topic of podcast trends in 2023. They are also helpful for anyone looking into the future of podcasts on a larger time frame.

What Kind of Podcasts are In Demand?

Some of the most in demand podcasts are talk shows, true crime, and investigative journalism. These are topics that easily draw in listeners, to make you feel like you need to know what happens next. That said, there is a listener for every type of podcast, so don’t limit yourself to a niche unless you’re passionate about that topic.

What Will Replace Podcasts?

There is a forecasted idea that live audio apps and social media platforms with audio features will replace podcasts. Is this true? We can’t say for sure. These features feel more like an extension of podcasts instead of a replacement. In 5, 10, or 20 years, we’ll look back and see how this all played out.

Why Do Most Podcasts Fail?

There are several reasons why a podcast might fail, but one of the most prominent is when a podcast isn’t comfortable in its niche. When you’re choosing your podcast niche make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with. Even if you don’t know everything about the topic, a level of familiarity and passion will keep listeners engaged.

How Many Listeners Do You Need for a Successful Podcast?

For a podcast to be considered successful by the numbers, a healthy number of 5,000 listeners for each episode is the goal. If you have more listeners, amazing. If you have less, don’t worry. There is time to get there.

Building a successful podcast takes time, skill, and optimism. Podcasting is a saturated market, it could take a while before you gain traction. Constant steady steps toward success will keep you moving. If you need a hand along the way, someone to provide expertise and moral support, Mr. Thrive can be there every step of the way.

Podcast Trends of 2023: This Year Is Trending Up

The year of 2023 is an exciting year to be in the podcast business. If you’re looking to boost your podcast, or even start one this year, Mr. Thrive can help. With a range of services, from podcast and marketing consulting to full-on podcast production, our agency is structured to work with your needs. Reach out and schedule a call today!

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