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Podcasts In the Digital Ecosystem: 5 Key Podcast Functions

Here at Mr. Thrive Media we’ve talked about the digital ecosystem before. From a digital ecosystem audit to each part of a digital ecosystem, we’ve covered a fair amount of ground on the topic. In this blog post, we’re focusing on podcasts in the digital ecosystem, to zero in on our bread and butter within the digital ecosystem.

If you haven’t read our posts about the digital ecosystem, don’t worry! We’ll talk about the ecosystem in general before we dive into podcasts in the digital ecosystem. If you’ve been wondering where your podcast fits in your brand or whether you should start a podcast, read on!

What Is the Digital Ecosystem?

So, what is the digital ecosystem? The digital ecosystem is the environment created by all your social media pages, websites, and channels for your brand or business. Any place where a customer or client can find you online, view your content, and communicate with you, is part of your digital ecosystem. 

Focusing on your digital ecosystem goes hand in hand with the age-old marketing principle of consistent branding. When your online presence is consistent, customers and clients will recognize it and be more likely to become and remain loyal to your brand. That is one of the best benefits of having a cohesive digital ecosystem.

How Do Podcasts Fit Into Your Brand?

If you already have a podcast, it’s a part of your digital ecosystem whether you’ve been thinking of it in those terms or not. If you’re starting a podcast, you may be wondering how podcasts in the digital ecosystem fit into your brand. The influence of podcasts has led to many brands using them as a business strategy–and using a podcast business plan as well!

For any business with a podcast, that podcast is a further step in marketing plans and customer engagement. We won’t make the bold claim that every business benefits from a podcast, that’s a tall order. It is a fact, however, that most businesses can benefit from a podcast in many ways. That becomes especially true when you use a podcast to its full potential.

5 Key Podcast Functions In a Digital Ecosystem

The benefits a podcast can provide for your brand or business make it a vital part of your marketing, branding, and digital ecosystem. Podcasts in a digital ecosystem give you a place to share creative content, build brand recognition, and connect with your audience. When you integrate your podcast into your digital ecosystem, it becomes a content source and driver. 

These five key podcast functions in a digital ecosystem are benefits of a podcast no matter how you work with it. When you fully integrate it, however, these functions grow as benefits with a long-term payoff. They can become the building blocks of a brand that is recognizable and warmly welcomed by your audience.

These functions can also be looked at from the perspective of the rest of your digital ecosystem. They can be used as goals for everything you do in the digital and business space. With these functions as your foundational goals, you’ll create content and build a brand that gathers an audience.

5. Humanizing Content

Sometimes web content can come across as cold and impersonal. The written word, if handled improperly, can feel like a lecture, and less like a conversation. When you have a podcast, however, you’re naturally creating content in a conversational tone. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can skip out on written content and SEO best practices. With a podcast as part of your digital ecosystem, you can build written and podcast content together, to make content people will connect with. 

4. Audience-Focused Content

When it comes to content creation, one of the most important factors is how your content helps your audience relate to you. Podcasts are a pure form of audience-focused content. The conversation of a podcast goes on between the host and podcast guests, but it extends to the audience as well. 

With podcasts in the digital ecosystem, the direct podcast conversation with the audience becomes an avenue to promote your business. It helps you build a connection with potential customers and clients. A podcast gives you a direct line to build a community that goes beyond the selling of products and services. 

3. Repurposable Content

Making content for your digital ecosystem comes with a lot of work. One thing that adds more work is when you create content that only works in one space. It’s time intensive, but it can be easy to get stuck in the mindset that each platform and space needs something unique. 

While that’s true in many ways, repurposable content gives you an easier way to get unique content. Podcasts are made to be repurposed. You can turn them into a transcribed and edited blog. You can pull quotes and clips to use on reels. Ultimately, podcasts create content that can be blended across your digital ecosystem.

2. Marketing and Advertising Space

When you run a brand or business, where you’re marketing and advertising your business is critical. Every part of your digital ecosystem can be used, in some way or another, for marketing and advertising. Podcasts are especially useful as a space for consistent, low-key marketing. 

You can plug products and share information about other aspects of your business in conversation on your podcast. You can craft episodes around particular parts of your business. Heck, you can even announce new products or services in episodes, and feature them on your social media channels. 

1. Highly Digestible Content

We saved highly-digestible content for the number one spot on this list because of how digestible podcasts are, and how important that is for your business. Content that takes your audience minimal effort to consume is some of the best content you can create. 

You can put information from all aspects of your digital ecosystem into a podcast and instantly have digestible content. Your audience can listen anywhere, and take in your podcast content without having to think about it. When you build a podcast into your digital ecosystem, you make it that much easier for customers to fall in love with your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcasts and Your Digital Ecosystem

Podcasts in the digital ecosystem are part of the framework of a successful brand and business. Having a successful business, podcast, and everything in between is something every entrepreneur wonders about. There are concrete steps you can take, but there are also lots of factors you can’t control. 

Luckily, when it comes to podcasts in business there are plenty of things you can expect when you put in the work. Our answers to these frequently asked questions showcase some of the inherent benefits of podcasts in the digital ecosystem. They also dive into what podcasts can do for your business.

How Can Podcasts Be Used In Business?

Podcasts can be used in business to build your brand. Throughout the history of podcasts, there have been many types of podcasts on different subjects. You can make your business concept, or even a niche part of your business, into a podcast. From there, it’s a way to build connections with your listeners and turn them into customers and clients. 

What Is the Podcast Ecosystem?

The podcast ecosystem is the digital and physical landscape of everything and everyone that goes into making a podcast. In a way, the podcast ecosystem is like the digital ecosystem, only on the scale of a podcast. It is everything that goes into making a podcast from start to finish. It includes the brand, the software behind a podcast, and anyone you work with in production. 

Why are Podcasts a Good Marketing Tool?

Podcasts are a good marketing tool because they can help businesses and brands reach a niche audience. With the right podcast content and marketing plan, you can target your reach to the audience you’re looking to build a connection with. A podcast is a personal way of connecting with that audience, turning them into loyal listeners and customers.

How Can Podcasts Boost Your Business Growth?

Podcasts can boost business growth through generating new leads, helping you find your audience, and building your brand awareness. Those are some of the key goals of every business when it comes to marketing and growth. A podcast is perfectly situated in the digital ecosystem to achieve those goals. 

Keep in mind, however, that a podcast only works as a marketing tool when you view podcasts in the digital ecosystem framework. You can make a great podcast, but if you’re not marketing it, sharing it across platforms, and using it strategically, it’s not a huge help. When you bring it together with the rest of your business and brand, that’s when it helps you grow.

Digital Ecosystems and Podcasts: Podcasts as Part of Your Business Plan

Podcasts in the digital ecosystem are a cornerstone of marketing, branding, and building your business. If you’re looking to start a podcast, or find support for the podcast you have now, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media. Our team of podcast production experts and marketing specialists can help you build your podcast into your digital ecosystem.  

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