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Presidents’ Day Special: If Teddy Roosevelt Had a Podcast

This Presidents’ Day, the Mr. Thrive Media team is focusing on celebrating a reason for a long weekend with our Presidents’ Day special. We’re a fan of any occasion to practice work-life balance. That’s not to mention, we love considering the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln a reason to celebrate and consider our national history.

When we put our podcast-focused minds together on our plans for the weekend we found ourselves talking about presidents and their roles in podcasting. That’s why, for this post, we’re going to talk about the possibilities of what podcasts could be with some choice presidents as podcast hosts.

We’ll talk about podcasts, politics, and presidents all together. Read on to learn more about Presidents’ Day and celebrate this happy third Monday of February.

Why Do We Celebrate Presidents’ Day?

So, why do we celebrate Presidents’ Day? Presidents’ Day came about in 1971, to raise a glass to a few presidents and give folks who were working a long weekend. The key presidents originally included were George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Washington had a birthday on February 22 (according to updated calendars after his birth). Lincoln’s birthday fell on February 12. The celebration of both birthdays was brought together to create a three-day weekend.

These days, Presidents’ Day is used as a way to celebrate all presidents. Of course, we also still enjoy a reason for a little extra relaxation with a spare day. You won’t catch us complaining about an excuse to spend a little more time celebrating in the ways we all enjoy.

Which Presidents Have Been on Podcasts?

There have been a number of U.S. presidents who have been involved in podcasts in some form or another. We’ll highlight some of the most notable.

George W. Bush was the first president to have his weekly address be delivered as a podcast. This was a big deal, it’s on the list of podcast historical dates.

Barack Obama was interviewed by Marc Maron on Maron’s podcast, WTF. That special day occurred on June 22, 2015.
Joe Biden has been on SmartLess with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. They’re a unique bunch of hosts with a fun way of hosting something political and captivating.

These days you can listen to speeches past presidents made. They’ve been preserved and turned into podcasts. It’s a unique way to draw in some history knowledge.

Our Favorite Presidents: 7 Presidents as Podcast Hosts

Our favorite presidents in this Mr. Thrive blog post are the folks who have either been on a podcast, or would be suited to one. We did some historical research and found these presidents to be well situated in the world of podcasting. Some have shown their specific podcasting skills. The rest, well, for the rest we love to consider what their podcasts might be like.

These seven presidents featured in our Presidents’ Day special would fit seamlessly in the podcast industry. We’ll take some time this holiday to consider what each of them might have for a podcast.

7. Joe Biden

If Joe Biden had a podcast it would be new, and welcomed, but a bit quiet. It would have loyal listeners, and many people would be happy to have it in the world of podcasts. As a play on the moment of Kamala Harris saying, “We did it, Joe.” We imagine the title as “We Can Do It.” It would further enhance his connection to Obama and the old slogan, “Yes We Can.”

6. George Washington

George Washington is often referred to as the Father of His Country. If he had a podcast, it would be packed full of new ways of looking at podcasts–with some downright old-fashioned ideas. In a play on his regular nickname, it could be called “Parenting a Nation.” We imagine it would be funny, but also serious, serving as a guide for new presidents.

5. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is known for many things, one main item point of which is his role as a Founding Father of America. He was influential and bold. His podcast could have a ring to it with “The Gist with Jefferson.” It would be important issues and the ways we can make a change if we see something that isn’t working.

4. Abraham Lincoln

If Abraham Lincoln had a podcast, there’s no doubt it would be about abolishing slavery and protecting human rights. Its name could be “Ending Intolerance,” “Protect and Uplift,” or “The Road to End Intolerance.” We know it would be powerful and conflicted considering Lincoln had his own slaves. He was a complicated but overall influential and human-oriented president.

3. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt or FDR for short would likely have a podcast about surviving hardships. From guiding the U.S. through the Great Depression to leading throughout World War II, he went through more than his fair share of troubles. His podcast could be something along the lines of “Surviving, Stronger Than Ever.”

2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama is one of the presidents on this list who has been on a podcast. His podcast could be a spin on his own slogan, “Yes, We Did That.” It would be wholesome, and if his wife wasn’t a featured guest or co-host we would be shocked. Obama, if you’re reading this, please reach out, we can help get your podcast started!

1. Theodore Roosevelt

When we brainstormed the name of this blog post, our founder, Chaz Volk, came up with, “What if Teddy Roosevelt had a podcast?” It’s got quite the ring to it, and because of the influence of Teddy Roosevelt, we saved him for the number one spot. With his conservationist mindset, it could be titled, “Nature First, Nation Too.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Presidents’ Day (In Relation to Podcasting)

This Presidents’ Day special is a fun mix of information about the holiday and a look into politics in podcasting. Podcasts are, first and foremost, a source of news and information. We could all stand to have a little more knowledge about politics. It only makes sense to think about politics in terms of podcasts.

Our answers to these frequently asked questions cover the range of information about politics, presidents, and podcasting. If you’re looking to learn more, this is the place to start.

Who was the First President To Be on a Podcast?

The first president to be on a podcast was George W. Bush. He was on a podcast in a different way than you might expect a president to be on a podcast these days. He arranged to have his weekly addresses done via podcast. This was a brand new situation for a president. It’s noted on lists of historical podcast dates and facts as a monumental occasion.

Does NPR Have a Podcast?

Yes, NPR has a range of podcasts. The list includes:

– Embedded
– Consider This
– The Indicator
– Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!
– Life Kit
– Wisdom From The Top
– Code Switch
– Fresh Air
– Rough Translation
– White Lies
– StoryCorps
– Car Talk
– Only A Game
– Short Wave
– All Songs Considered

… and many more! The news-style nature of many NPR shows makes it a perfect space for podcasts. They’re easy to listen to, spreading the messages NPR highlights far and wide.

Who Is the Most Iconic President?

The title of most iconic president is debated to be either Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lincoln is a contender due to his leadership in the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. That said, Roosevelt is celebrated for leading the country out of the Great Depression and throughout World War II. It’s hard to pick one between two such notable presidents.

How Do Politics Fit with Podcasts?

Politics fit with podcasts because podcasts are one of the ways a majority of people learn about the world. Podcasts that tap into political situations, theories, and schools of thought are extremely popular. You can even find some fun ones when you search for podcasts and Presidents’ Day in the same Google search. They are, in many ways, a match made in heaven.

How Influential are Podcasts?

Podcasts are influential enough to change minds, open up a discourse, and occasionally even change a court ruling. When we discovered this question we thought of our blog post about Adnan Syed. He is the man who was released from prison due to Sarah Koenig’s Serial true crime podcast. Her influence was powerful enough to release a man from prison. Woah.

Presidents and Podcasts: Celebrating Unique Voices this Presidents’ Day

This Presidents’ Day special is something we’re earmarking as more than a holiday about some presidents we remember in influential ways. It goes deeper into the influence of podcasts, and the political voice podcast hosts can have–if their subject is political. No judgment if it’s not, the beauty of podcasts is the diversity in the mix.

If you’re starting up a podcast–politically or otherwise, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media. Our team of marketing specialists, podcast producers, and virtual assistants within reach will take your podcast from an idea to an influential action.

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