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The Importance Of Evergreen Content: 12 Facts and Figures

The importance of evergreen content is something every brand and business should know. Content creation is the bedrock of any business in the digital age. From SEO best practices to using AI in business for content support, we all think about content creation so much of the time. But how often do we think about the importance of evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content designed to always be accurate, applicable, and authoritative in your industry. It is often the bulk of blog writing and social media content creation. It draws in viewers and remains ever-interesting. Evergreen content mixes with short-term content to create the perfect content balance.

Take, for example, the content of Mr. Thrive Media. On our blog and social media accounts, we cover content on evergreen and news-based topics. For news-based content, we’ve done things such as how the 2023 writer’s strike affected podcasts and 2022’s most-asked questions about podcasts. Funnily enough, that second example could be updated for yearly evergreen content with a new year and updated questions. 

Read on through this Mr. Thrive blog to learn the importance of evergreen content and how you can make it work for you.

What It Means To Have Evergreen Content

So, what does it mean to have evergreen content? Evergreen content is all about creating content that covers a wide range of interests and is always going to draw in new viewers. It’s content that lasts, season through season. These four aspects of evergreen content showcase what it does and how it works.

1. Comprehensive Coverage

Evergreen content gives you comprehensive coverage of all the areas of your industry you could dream of. You can write about the bare bones of the product or service you offer. You have the option of creating content about the required equipment for your industry. There is so much you can find for your content topics.

2. Problem-Solving Content

The draw of evergreen content for readers and consumers is the solution it provides. Evergreen content can be enjoyable simply for the sake of reading. The best evergreen content, however, solves a problem, answers a question, or gives your audience something they have been looking for.

3. High-Quality Writing

High-quality writing is a must-have for all content, but it’s especially important for evergreen content. The fact of the matter is that evergreen content is a dime a dozen in the digital space. You have to create exceptional content to stand out, and high-quality writing is one of the best ways to pull it off.

4. Easy Update-Ability

Content that can be updated is the best content and in that regard, evergreen content reigns supreme. You can update it with new information, new perspectives, and new brand ideas. 

Updating Content To Remain Evergreen

One of the best ways to create and maintain evergreen content is to update your information. If you write a piece about specific events, update it later on to talk about the aftermath! If you’ve created a guide to the best equipment, update it when new equipment is released! These four updating tips will help you get started.

1. Third-Party Reviews for Updates

Third-party reviews for updates are an excellent way to bring in new perspectives and information. Some of the best people to ask are industry contacts with a unique take on the subject. Friends and loved ones are also helpful.

2. Researching New Trends

Researching new trends can dress up any piece of content. Is there a new marketing technique that has been making waves? Was there a recent equipment launch that’s relevant? Update and include novel innovations to keep your content up to date.

3. Copy Editing Your Work for New Brand Advancements

Brand voices remain fairly consistent over time, but there are small changes that come up. If your brand has shifted it’s a good idea to copy edit your content to account for those shifts. A new tone can update evergreen content without new information needed.

4. Consider Community Tonal Shifts

Content creation is as much a part of the tone of your audience and community as it is about your brand voice. If there have been changes in your community, in the way they speak or what they find appropriate, update content for those shifts. 

The Importance of Evergreen Content

Now you know how to create and continuously improve evergreen content. The only thing left to learn is the importance of evergreen content. Why do you need it? What does it do for your brand and business? These four upcoming benefits put a name to the importance of evergreen content for your brand.

1. Added Authority

Evergreen content adds authority by giving you content that is always accurate and enjoyable. The more evergreen content on your site, the more search engines will view you as a voice of knowledge and authority in your field.

2. Sustained Site and Social Traffic

The more content you have, the more traffic you’ll have on your website and social media platforms. Evergreen content boosts this benefit by giving you content that can be shared and reshared at any time of the year.

3. SEO Benefits

The SEO benefits of evergreen content rest in the consistent keywords and quality information of the content. One of the more recent Google algorithm updates narrowed in on quality, humanistic content that provides genuine value. That’s the exact job of evergreen content.

4. Adaptability

Well-written evergreen content provides a font of content to draw from when you need repurposed pieces. It also works well as content that can be fit for any social media platform or advertising space. The adaptability of evergreen content makes it well worth investing in for your content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Evergreen Content

There are many questions you can and should ask about the importance of evergreen content. In fact, the questions to ask include a mix of evergreen and more timely queries. Read through our answers to these frequently asked questions to learn more about the importance of evergreen content and how you can create the best evergreen pieces.

What are Examples of Evergreen Topics?

Examples of evergreen content are content pieces that will always be relevant and true and maintain consistent interest over a long period of time. Of course, you can update content to keep it factually correct. However, the piece’s baseline information will always be accurate and authoritative. In general topics, some evergreen content ideas include:

  • The definition of content marketing
  • The importance of sales techniques
  • How to roast a chicken
  • How to change your car’s oil filter
  • The gift guide for men 
  • The best water bottle materials

These content ideas can be updated for more information and factual updates, but they will maintain consistent interest. To explore further, some ideas of evergreen content in the podcasting industry are:

You can create evergreen content in any industry. Heck, even in the news industry, which is nearly the definition of non-evergreen content, you can do it. In news, for example, you could write a profile of a prominent figure or create a series on news writing history. Overall, creating evergreen content can be done with imagination and strong writing and research skills. 

How Do You Make Evergreen Content?

Some of the best tips for making evergreen content include:

  • Choosing the right topics to make content that lasts
  • Finding the appropriate keywords and hashtags to sustain evergreen content
  • Avoiding specificity in dates
  • Creating case studies 
  • Going in-depth on guides, tutorials, and lists
  • Updating your content regularly
  • Repurposing old content to create more evergreen snippets

These tips work for many industries and many facets of content creation. From writing blogs for podcasts to creating podcast cover art that defines your brand with long-term forethought, there is always room for evergreen content.

What Is Trending Content?

Trending content is content created about short-term campaigns and limited interest information. A trend can become evergreen if the trend sticks around and becomes more than a passing excitement. However, when it starts out, trending content is something that won’t be relevant for long, but is still important to write.

Imagine if businesses and brands only used evergreen content. There would be no more reporting of news stories or industry interest pieces. We would lose the appeal of writing something that grabs attention, announces an exciting sale, and disappears from the cultural view in a few days. 

Overall, both trending and evergreen content are important for brands and businesses. Between the two of them, you cover all the types of content you need to draw people into your community. 

What Is the Opposite of Evergreen Content?

The opposite of evergreen content is news-based content. This is content created to share recent happenings and update people on current events. It also provides a refreshing take on stories with an expiration date. In any industry, there is sure to be news and information that isn’t going to be forever relevant but still is important. That’s the stuff to write news-based content about.

What are the Challenges of Evergreen Content?

Some of the key challenges of creating evergreen content include:

  • Avoiding duplication and plagiarism, both from others and from your own body of work
  • Finding the right topics
  • Keeping your content and voice original, innovative, and engaging
  • Balancing depth and breadth of content and research
  • Maintaining quality and consistency in tone

Many of these are consistent challenges throughout all content creation. Once you know they exist, they’re easy to work around with consistent intentional writing and research.

Evergreen Content: Decide Against Deciduous Content 

Evergreen content gives you a body of work that consistently does hard work for your brand and business. Having a mix of evergreen and news-based content provides a cushion of always-useful information for your audience and community. 

From podcast production to key marketing services, Mr. Thrive Media is here to help you advance your content creation. Reach out to experience our free digital ecosystem audit for 2024, from now through January 2024, and learn how we can work for you. 

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