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The R&R Recipe: Mr. Thrive’s Podcast Production Process

When you hear the phrase “the R&R recipe” do you first think of rest and relaxation? If yes, you’re not alone. R&R has a long-standing definition, and it’s a definition that plays into the R&R recipe of Mr. Thrive’s podcast production process. 

“But wait,” you say, “What does rest and relaxation have to do with podcast production?” Well, everything, when you produce your podcast with Mr. Thrive Media. Through our podcast production services with clients, our goal is to make the process as easy on you as possible. 

Your role is to come up with the content of the podcast, and press record. Our role is, well, everything else. From editing to posting to social media management and marketing, we take care of your podcast needs. In this Mr. Thrive blog post, we’ll walk you through the R&R recipe and what it means for our podcast production services.

What Is R&R? 

The term R&R has a range of definitions, beyond its unique space in our podcast production process. R&R is often used to mean:

  • Rest and recreation
  • Rest and recuperation
  • Rest and relaxation

R&R started out as military slang. Now, it’s used across the world, by all groups and industries. We’re all in need of rest and relaxation from time to time. 

When it comes to your podcast, Mr. Thrive’s goal is to provide you with the means to have some R&R. Our podcast production process is comprehensive and personal. R&R, besides being alliterative with the rest of our process, is at the heart of our goals for our clients.

Mr. Thrive Media’s Podcast Production Process

Mr. Thrive Media’s podcast production process is something we’ve been consistently working with since our launch in 2020. It’s grown with the company, and now it’s the concise R&R recipe which guides our podcast production work.

Our founder, Chaz Volk, had this to say about our R&R recipe for podcast production. “What makes our process unique, aside from the ‘re’ theme, is the methodical consulting approach we implement. While we use this method for all clients, our cycle warrants us to create unique and white-gloved plans. Some of our clients work in the same industry; Based on their personalities, core competency, and OKRs/KPIs, their plans are nothing alike.”

With those differences between all our clients, our podcast production method needs to be fluid, but built on a strong foundation. That’s where our R&R steps come into play. The phases of the plan are:

  • Phase 1: Review and Rediscover
  • Phase 2: Record and Release
  • Phase 3: Report and Repeat

Some of those phases are exactly what you’re thinking from reading the names. For others, there’s more to it than meets the eye. We’ll dive into each phase, to get acquainted with each step of the process. 

Review and Rediscover

Phase 1, review and rediscover, is all about the first steps we take with you to produce your podcast. It starts with a review of your current situation. 

That could mean checking out the podcast you currently produce and seeing where there might be room for growth. It could also mean walking through your podcast idea and finding the right path to get it recorded and produced. The personalization of the R&R recipe starts with the review process.

Rediscovery comes into play with the discussion that comes out of the review process. For the R&R recipe, rediscovery is all about examining the pain points we discussed in our initial client meeting. With that discussion, we can make sure the podcast is positioned to reach your KPIs. It’s also a time to make sure that your brand or company is correctly represented by your podcast.

Record and Release 

Phase 2, record and release, is one of the most straightforward portions of the R&R recipe. Once we’ve discovered the direction your podcast will go and we’ve found our groove, it’s time to record your episodes and get them online. 

Mr. Thrive can be as involved with this process as you’d like. We can orchestrate the recording, or take a recorded episode from you and get it ready through editing. If you’re already posting your podcast, we can provide support wherever you need. If you’re just starting out, the same goes for you, with the expectation that we’ll provide more comprehensive support. 

Releasing your podcast is a high point for every episode. Our variety of services means you can release each episode yourself, or include that as part of our podcast production plan. If you’re looking for maximum R&R, leaving the release of your podcast in our hands is a good option.

Report and Repeat

Phase 3, report and repeat, is one of the most important steps of the R&R recipe. It’s ongoing, with the repeat being set to replay after every report and new episode. In short, the R&R recipe doesn’t have a stopping point. While our initial plan for your podcast will be well formed, our goal is to always find new ways to improve. 

The reporting section of phase 3 comes directly from the Mr. Thrive team. After your podcast is live, we’ll check our backend reports to see how it’s doing. From initial viewership to returning viewers, we keep an eye on the impact of your podcast. We pass those reports on to you on a weekly basis. We also integrate any changes that come up as necessary from those reports.

The repetition of the R&R recipe is what makes it a successful process. We learn together as we go and find what works best for your podcast. The result of the recipe is consistent growth for your podcast.

Your Podcast Outcome

The goal of the R&R recipe is to make your podcast experience as seamless as possible. That means something different for every podcaster, so our process, while refined and specific, remains flexible. For our clients, that means the process is unique from the start, and can change along the way. 

Overall, that flexibility means your podcast always has room for growth. As we go through reports and repeat the R&R recipe, we keep an eye out for new opportunities. We’ll work with you to keep your podcast moving in the direction of your brand and business goals. All along the way we’ll keep a watchful eye for innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcast Production

The variety of process possibilities around podcast production are a font of never-ending questions. For podcast producers, it’s good to stay on top of new information. For people looking to create a podcast, production is a huge part of that endeavor. For everyone else, well, who doesn’t love learning about something new?

Our answers to these frequently asked questions are for everyone mentioned above. Whatever your relationship with podcast production is and may be in the future, read on!

How Do You Produce a Podcast?

Producing a podcast involves recording a podcast, editing it, then uploading it on your chosen podcast platforms. Of course, there are many other steps between those three main needs. From coming up with a podcast topic and planning episodes to buying the right equipment, producing a podcast takes time, effort, and patience. 

What Is Needed for Podcast Production?

For podcast production, from a materials and equipment standpoint, you need:

  • A microphone
  • A computer
  • An audio mixer
  • A pop filter or windscreen
  • Headphones
  • A microphone stand
  • Acoustic treatments
  • Recording and editing software
  • A hosting provider

Within those items, there are a variety of brands and levels of quality to choose from. If you’re buying any podcast equipment, it’s worth investing in middle or top level equipment, for the long term quality. 

Do Podcasts Make Money?

Yes, podcasts make money. With a podcast, you can make money with advertisements, subscribers, sponsorships, and brand collaborations. You can also sell merchandise for your podcast. Some podcasters make millions from their podcasts, because they’ve built huge followings. With time and effort a podcast can be a great side hustle or business.

Can Anyone Start a Podcast?

Yes, anyone can start a podcast! If you have a computer and an idea you can get started, and add equipment along the way. If you’re unsure of where to start, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media. We work with podcasters across the range of beginners to seasoned speakers, and we can find your podcast production groove. 

Mr. Thrive Media’s R&R Process: Rest, Relax, Record Your Podcast 

Following the R&R recipe and treating our process with the same reflective steps has helped Mr. Thrive Media become the multi-media marketing and podcast production agency we are. It’s a process we’ve seen work time and again. It’s effective, and it gives us all the rest and relaxation time we need.

If you’re looking to start your own podcast or revamped a current podcast project, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media today. Our team of podcast producers, marketing experts, and virtual assistants can apply the R&R recipe and get your podcast right on track.  

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