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What Is Vodcasting? 5 Benefits of Vodcasts for Podcasts

What is vodcasting? Do you need a vodcast for your podcast? Is it the same thing as vlogging? These questions come up for podcasters when you’re thinking about how to grow your show. Heck, sometimes they come up when you’re writing a business plan for your podcast. At some point, you’ve got to find the answers and this Mr. Thrive blog has those answers for you.

Podcast VS Vodcast

Shortly, we’ll delve into the benefits of vodcasts and the benchmarks of whether you need a vodcast. Before that, it’s important to understand the structures that separate and cement the relationship between podcasts and vodcasts. The divide between the two is in the video element, with podcasts being an auditory-only experience. 

The similarity between podcasts and vodcasts rests in the relationship with your audience. The heart of podcasting is the community built between the host and the listeners or viewers. Podcast engagement is the crux of the industry. In vodcasts that engagement is bolstered by the visual aspects, giving viewers an even more intimate experience.

5 Key Vodcast Benefits

Deciding whether or not a vodcast is the right choice depends on the situation of your show and your ultimate long-term goals. These key vodcast benefits will help you visualize what a vodcast can do for your show and your podcast business plan. 

5. Improved Content Comprehension

Content comprehension, meaning the audience’s takeaway from your show, is a central part of your podcast endgame. When you add a visual video element to your show, you’re upgrading the way your audience can interact with your content. 

4. Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is one of the most important factors in your ability to grow your show, find more viewers, and boost your profits. A vodcast’s added visual elements give you more space to showcase your brand, and therefore more opportunities to get people invested in your show.

3. Audience Retention and Engagement Opportunities 

When it comes to audience retention and engagement opportunities, the more you’re giving your audience to engage with, the better your engagement will be. Vodcasts are a prime example of how you can give your audience even more to love about your show.

2. SEO Advantages

The SEO advantages of a vodcast are based on the additional content of a video format. Video content, when it’s organized with alt text and written companion content, is some of the best content to rank on Google. It’s highly digestible and will boost your SEO simply by existing.

1. Content Repurposebility

Creating video content is likely already a necessary part of your business. For social media brand marketing, videos for reels and shorts give you an added boost on social platforms. Vodcast content grows the bank of content you have to choose from for your shares on social media.

Do You Need a Vodcast? The Vodcast Questionnaire

After reading those benefits you’re probably thinking “Golly, I really should convert my podcast into a vodcast.” The only question remaining is, is your show ready to be a vodcast? If you answer yes to four or more of these vodcast benchmark questions, it’s time to get your vodcast gears turning.

Does Your Podcast Topic and Content Lend Itself Well Toward Video Content?

Can you envision your podcast topics in video form? Is it engaging? If yes, a vodcast will benefit your brand. 

Will Your Target Audience Appreciate a Visual Format for Engagement?

Who is your target audience? In your reports, have you tracked whether they’re engaging on mobile or desktop devices? Will they want to watch a video? A vodcast is only as valuable to you as it is to your engaged audience.

Are You Prepared with the Necessary Equipment, Or Is It Readily Available?

What will it take you to get videography equipment ready? Do you have a studio set up to start recording in? Does your podcast producer have everything you’ll need? These are things you want to be prepared for, to make recording your first vodcast as straightforward as possible.

Will Your Monetization Possibilities Increase with a Vodcast?

ROI for podcasts and vodcasts is of constant importance for your business. What are the monetization possibilities for your vodcast? Will you need to shift your budget? How long will it take to start turning a higher profit from video content? Answering these questions will help you prepare for the finances of a vodcast.

Do You Have a Clear Plan In Place For Your Visual Video Branding?

What is your current visual branding? Do you have set brand guidelines for color schemes, business themes, and logo designs? Visuals take on even more importance in a vodcast. Having a clear plan for how your show set will look is imperative. 

Have You Planned Out Where You Will Distribute Your Vodcast?

Learning how and where to share your podcast is one of the first steps in launching your show. In the transition to a vodcast, you have the option to add to your list of distribution channels. Will you head to YouTube or Twitch? Decide early on for a smooth process when you start.

How Will You Engage with Your Audience In the Visual Space?

How do you currently engage with your audience? Is it through comments, calls, or emailed questions? Adding video content will broaden the possibilities of audience engagement. The question is, how do you want to shape that engagement to fit your format? The answer is up to you, but the need for an answer is critical in the decision to create a vodcast.

How to Create a Vodcast

Following the vodcast questionnaire you may find you’re ready to make the switch from podcast to vodcast. Similar to making the choice between live and pre-recorded podcasts, the main decision you have to make is the choice to start. Once you’ve decided vodcasts are right for you, working with your podcast producer will help you get set up. 

If you’re soloing the podcast process, you’ll need to get the right equipment. That includes cameras and lighting equipment on top of the typical podcast gear. Finding a recording studio will be an immense help. If you’re set up with a podcast producer, lean on them for support in switching to the vodcast format.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vodcasts

The line between podcasts, vodcasts, and vlogs is a fine line, depending on the angle you’re viewing it from. To widen your view and get comfortably acquainted with vodcasts as part of the digital ecosystem, see our answers to these FAQs. 

Is Vlogging a Vodcast?

Vlogging and vodcasts are two peas in the same pod: similar on a fundamental level, but each their own in unique ways. Vlogging is done in a more casual style than a podcast. This is because the roots of vlogging sprout from the original personal blogs online. These days, a vlog can be very similar to a vodcast, but it still remains a separate, active part of our digital world.

How Do You End a Vodcast?

There are several ways to wrap up a vodcast, including:

  • With a brief summary of the episode and a closing remark
  • With one last warm, happy question for your podcast guest
  • With a tagline for your vodcast and brand

These three options work well on their own. If you like, you can also end with all three combined! 

What Do You Need to Create a Vodcast?

To create your very own vodcast you’ll need:

  • A laptop
  • A microphone
  • Headsets
  • Podcasting software
  • A quality camera
  • Lighting equipment
  • Potentially, access to a studio

Something important to keep in mind is that a fair amount of this equipment is necessary for each host, co-host, and podcast guest. Working with a studio or podcast producer is often a more effective use of your budget and time for vodcast creation.

How Do You Structure a Vodcast?

The ideal structure of a vodcast is:

  • An introduction in the beginning, often with a bit of music. This part will remain the same across all episodes. 
  • A brief host introduction and setup for the episode. This leads to the introduction of the guest(s) of the episode. 
  • The bulk of the questions and conversation. This is the meat of the podcast. Depending on the length of the podcast, there may be breaks throughout this section of the episode, either with ads or music. 
  • A lighter outro with the guest(s). This is the time for some light wrap-up questions.
  • An outro for the podcast, which, like the introduction, is the same for each episode.

This structure matches that of any podcast. You can give your own spin to any section within this plan. The base structure will keep your episodes moving in a way that is easy for viewers to follow. 

What Type of Podcasts Are the Most Successful?

Comedy types of podcasts have held the top spot of most-listened-to shows in the United States for a while now. The range within comedy means there are comedic podcasts fitted for so many niche audiences. Even if you’re not creating a comedy show, having comedic elements in your language and tone will provide an enjoyable hook to keep viewers engaged.

Is a Vodcast Right For You? 

Now that you know the answer to “What is vodcasting?” Is creating a vodcast the right choice for you? Your answer may be an immediate “Yes!” If that’s the case, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media. If you’re thinking “Hmmm, perhaps, but I’d like to fully review my podcast to figure it out.” Reach out to Mr. Thrive Media! 

Our team can work with you in many capacities. From full-on podcast or vodcast production or some marketing consulting services, we can help you bolster your business in the podcast industry. Right now, we’re offering a free digital ecosystem audit, available through October 14, 2023. Sign up for your free audit today!


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