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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Women In Podcasting

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate all women, everywhere. Of course, at Mr. Thrive Media we view the world through a podcast lens. We’re celebrating with a look at how women are making a splash in podcasting and some women we know in the industry.

We’re also diving into some famous women throughout the paths of history who we would love to see in the podcast industry. Similar to our President’s Day special, we’re thinking of women who would have spectacular podcasts and a wide circle of influence.

For celebrating Women’s History month through the podcast view, this Mr. Thrive blog post is walking through the women of podcasting. Additionally, we’re celebrating the women we would love to see in podcasts.

What Is Women’s History Month In Podcasting?

When it comes to celebrating Women’s History Month in podcasting, it’s all about the women who have been making waves in the podcast scene. That isn’t just about podcast hosts though! It also includes the women who listen to podcasts and encourage the industry.

48% of U.S. podcast listeners are female. That matches the general U.S. population percentage of women in general. That statistic tells us that of the over 100 million podcast listeners in the U.S., nearly half are female. The influence of podcasting has a direct impact on women.

That impact doubles back on the women who are hosting podcasts–and the men too. When it comes to how to host a podcast, a lot of the work relates to understanding your listeners and speaking directly to them. When half of those listeners are women, it’s the job of the host to speak to that audience. Hosts have stepped up to that task.
Some reports say that female-identifying people make up just under 30% of people creating podcasts in the states. That may be true, but the women who are making podcasts are making waves.

Take, for example, Janine Hamner Holman. Janine is a leader and executive coach in the world of helping businesses and leaders bring out excellence in their businesses and their employees.

Janine hosts the podcast titled The Cost of Not Paying Attention. On her show, she brings in podcast guests to discuss issues in the workplace that aren’t being worked with, and how they can be improved. She is one example of many women in podcasting who are making a difference through empathetic, critical thinking.

Across the board, women in podcasting–listeners and hosts alike–are opening the podcast space up for the inclusion and celebration of women.

The Women of Mr. Thrive Media

In celebrating Women’s History Month, there are some women we need to pay particular attention to at Mr. Thrive. Those are the women we work with on a daily basis, and on individual projects. While “Mr.” is part of the company name, it’s a women-driven business.

Bonnie Williams – Casting Director

Bonnie Williams is the casting director Mr. Thrive works with to connect clients with voice actors and voiceover artists. Bonnie runs her company, The Voiceover Superhero, and is partnered with Mr. Thrive to bring the best voice artists to our client base.

Noa Drori – Web Developer

Noa Drori is a web developer and all-around website expert. Her business, Papion Marketing, covers needs across the web development range. She’s the designer behind Mr. Thrive Media’s website refresh. She brings a unique perspective to every website she works on.

Sarah Ward – Copywriter

Sarah Ward is the copywriter on the Mr. Thrive team. She’s worked in the content marketing and copywriting field since 2019. She handles the blog posts for the site, and for a variety of Mr. Thrive clients.

Red Española – Digital Marketer

Red Española was found recently from our virtual assistant database here at Mr. Thrive. She handles social media management, reports for clients, and marketing support for the brand. She’s new to the team and she’s already making a splash as the newest female voice to join Mr. Thrive.

Powerful Women, Podcast Predictions

Beyond the women who are actively working in the podcast industry, there are historical women who would fit right into the podcast scene. These five women would make for remarkable podcast hosts with a range of subjects to draw in listeners and engage an active audience.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, a Belgian-born British actress and humanitarian, covered a lot of ground throughout her life and career. If she were to have a podcast, we imagine it would be called For The Cause. It would focus on the good you can do in the world with the influence you gather.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie, the world-famous Polish-French physicist, is most well known for her work with radioactivity. Her podcast would be scientific, informative, and inclusive. Its name would be something along the lines of Radioactive Reactions. It would help encourage women to get into scientific fields and continue to expand that industry.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt, a former First Lady and wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, is known as a political figure, diplomat, pacifist, and activist. One of her most famous quotes is, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Her podcast could be named Standing Strong to serve as inspiration for women and everyone in need of strength.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1993 until her death in 2020. Before that, she was a lawyer and jurist. There’s no doubt her podcast would be political, with feminism mixed in every step of the way. A fitting name would be Justice, For All.

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison was an American novelist known for books on the subjects of race and equality for women. Her novels are provocative. They’re taught in most high schools because they instill values and schools of thought that shape minds for the better. Her podcast could be named A Novel Idea.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s History Month and Women In Podcasting

The crossover of celebrating Women’s History Month and women in podcasting creates a unique space for questions. Our answers to these frequently asked questions are probably what you would expect to find when you look into these topics. Despite that train of thought we expected, we’re thrilled to see that celebrating Women’s History Month inspires these questions.

Why Is Women’s History Month Celebrated?

Women’s History Month is celebrated to recognize women throughout history. Those women fought endlessly for equality, justice, and opportunities for women in the United States.

Women’s History Month coincides with March 8, which is International Women’s Day. Both celebrations are meant to lift women up and remind us of all those who came before us. They’re a reminder of the fight for the rights we have today.

What Color Represents Women’s History Month?

Celebrating Women’s History Month is marked by the colors purple, green, and white. These colors are rooted in the suffrage movement and they continue to have meaning in the world of women today.

Purple represents the fight of women for suffrage. Green represents hope and growth, which we constantly embody in our fight. White represents equality, truth, and freedom. Together, these colors represent the reason we continue to fight for our rights and celebrate all women, not just during Women’s History Month.

What Percentage of Podcasters are Female?

Most sources will tell you that in the United States, women make up just under 30% of podcast hosts. We believe these numbers, but we know it’s not the full story. The women who host podcasts have a wide range of influence. They’re also paving the way for women growing up and listening to podcasts hosted by women, who could have their own podcasts someday.

Who Is the Top Female Podcaster?

In the practice of celebrating all women, there’s no way to narrow down the top female podcaster. There are, however, several women of note in the podcast industry.

Glennon Doyle, the host of We Can Do Hard Things, is one woman we look up to. Her podcast focuses on stories of wisdom and experience, showcasing our ability to manage more than we could ever imagine.

Brené Brown is a household name at this point. Her podcast, Unlocking Us, is a celebration of humanity, in all its messy glory. If you want to laugh, cry, and feel the range of human emotions, Unlocking Us is a must-listen.

Michelle Obama is a woman the world looks up to. That’s a bold statement and we stand by it, we know it to be true. Her podcast, The Michelle Obama Podcast, gives listeners a home to tune into with intimate conversations.

Women In Podcasting: It’s the Women’s World

Here at Mr. Thrive Media, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month, but we celebrate women all year long. From the women we employ to women worldwide, every day we think about the women who shape our lives and the podcasting industry. If you’re looking to work with a podcast production and marketing agency that will celebrate you, reach out today.

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