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How to Get Podcast Guests: 12 Ways to Find Podcast Guests

Figuring out how to get podcast guests is something every podcast host will think about at some point in their podcast journey. How do you find the right guests? How do you ask? Is there a streamlined way to get people for your podcast? All these questions come up as you learn how to get podcast guests. 

In this Mr. Thrive Media blog, we’ll walk you through 12 ways you can get podcast guests. From networking to direct efforts, these tips, tricks, and general best practices will help you bring in the best guests for each episode. 

How to Get Podcast Guests Through Networking

For the process of how to get podcast guests through networking, it starts with building your network. As you build your network you’ll naturally get more comfortable in networking settings–it takes time, but you’ll get there. As you gain that comfort, you’ll start to see opportunities through networking to find podcast guests. 

These four key methods of how to get podcast guests through networking will get you started. They’re some of the basics, but they’ve been locked in as benefits of networking for podcasts for quite some time. These tips showcase the best benefits of networking and the way it connects you with people in your industry who can provide you with support.

4. Interview People In Your Network

Interviewing people in your network on your podcast is one of the best ways to start leveraging networking to get podcast guests. Invite the people you’ve connected with the most, and get the ball rolling to start interviewing even more people in your network.

3. Create a Guest Referral Plan

To make it easier to grow your network for podcast guests, create a guest referral plan. This plan will, on a base level, consist of asking guests to refer other potential guests to you. This will grow your network and your podcast. 

2. Join Networking Groups with a Focus on Podcasts

When it comes to networking, there are a lot of different types of groups out there you can join. There are even groups that work specifically within the podcasting industry. Those are the groups you should seek out. You’ll find people to interview and support from the podcast industry.

1. Put Out Feelers In Your Network

Putting out feelers in your network is similar to interviewing people in your network. In fact, sometimes they are one and the same. That said, putting out feelers can lead to finding podcast guests outside your network as well. Within your network, put out the word that you’re seeking out guests, and you’ll find a mix of potential guests and people who can help you find guests.

How to Get Podcast Guests Organically

When it comes to how to get podcast guests organically, you’ll find a fair amount of these tips carry weight in networking and in direct efforts as well. This is because networking and direct efforts are the two main ways to get guests for a podcast. Any other tips for getting podcast guests tend to relate back to those two practices.

What sets these four tips apart from networking and direct efforts are the effortless nature of these practices. In fact, “practices” is almost too strong of a term for these efforts. These four tips tend to happen naturally as you go along, with a bit of dedicated effort on your end. 

4. Unplanned Social Networking

Unplanned social networking can come out of nowhere. Unlike regular networking, social networking is already a looser situation, where you can strike up a conversation about your industry without networking event pressure. Unplanned social networking, when you meet someone who relates to your industry by happenstance, can lead to unexpected benefits.

3. Word-Of-Mouth Connections

Word-of-mouth connections are a type of organic podcast guest recruitment that relate closely to standard networking. In fact, word-of-mouth referrals are their own type of networking. In this instance, however, these word-of-mouth connections aren’t something you ask for. 

When you make a good impression with guests and clients, you don’t have to ask for them to refer people your way, they’ll do it because they want to.

2. Consistent CTAs

Consistent CTAs are important for any podcast or business, or podcast business. They tie into SEO best practices for making your business model accessible, from podcast accessibility to ease of communication. When you have CTAs in all the right places, you’ll see an ROI for podcast guests from them.

1. Put Yourself Out There As a Guest

Growing your podcast network with guests isn’t just about getting guests for your podcasts. It’s also about being a guest on other podcasts. When you put yourself out there as a guest for other podcasters, you’re building your brand, and widening your reach to find potential guests for your podcast. 

How to Get Podcast Guests with Direct Solutions

For the third subset of how to get podcast guests, it’s time to approach the tips and tricks that will help you proactively get guests even in slow networking times. Learning how to get podcast guests with direct solutions gives you plans you can implement at any time, for any type of podcast.

These four direct ways of getting podcast guests on your show will help you find the right guests every time. These tips come directly from our founder, Chaz Volk, as practices he has used to find podcasting success. If you’re looking for some of the most immediate ways of finding podcast guests, these are the place to start.

4. Ask Your Business Clients

If your podcast is tied to a business, your clients through that business are an excellent opportunity for podcast guests. Maybe they’re people you produce podcasts for. Perhaps you handle their marketing needs. Whatever the case may be, your clients will make for perfect podcast guests.

3. Reach Out Via Your Newsletter

When it comes to direct places you can advertise for podcast guests, your newsletter is one of the best options. Since you’re already sending it to people who are interested in your podcast, inviting them to be guests or refer guests your way is a logical next step. 

2. Create a One-Pager for Your Podcast

Creating a one-pager for your podcast is a precise way of getting the key information about your podcast all in one aesthetically-pleasing place. A one-pager is an artfully designed and branded page containing information such as your name and qualifications, the name and idea of your podcast, and what your goals are for your podcast.

1. Use a Podcast Booking Agency 

Using a podcast booking agency is one of the most direct and efficient ways to get guests for your podcast. We recommend Kitcaster, an agency that connects you with the best industry experts within your chosen niche. It gives you direct access to all the right people.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Podcast Guests

Learning how to get podcast guests gets easier with the 12 steps outlined in this blog. That said, there are always more questions to be asked. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you further insight into getting podcast guests, and how podcast guests function as a piece of the puzzle of podcasting.

How Do I Invite Guests To My Podcast?

To invite guests to your podcast, be upfront, give them key information about yourself and your podcast, and ask them directly. Of course, that advice comes into play after you’ve worked through some of the strategies throughout this blog post. When it comes time to ask specific people to be guests, be direct, and give them a reason to want to be on your podcast.

How Much Do Podcasts Pay for Guests?

For the most part, podcasts don’t pay guests to be a part of the show. Podcast guests usually go on a podcast because they like the host and the concept of the show. It also helps guests to get more of an audience from the listeners of the podcast. Overall, the situation is mutually beneficial without the need for monetary benefits on either side of the relationship.

How Do I Start a Podcast with No Guests?

You can start a podcast without any guests by doing solo episodes or having a podcast co-host. Guests aren’t required for a successful podcast, but they do increase your chances of success. When you invite guests, you’ll end up with a more dynamic show for listeners to enjoy. You’ll also find a wider audience because your guest’s fans will discover your podcast.

Does a Podcast Need Guests?

No, a podcast doesn’t need guests. You can host a podcast by yourself, or with co-hosts. A solo or co-hosted podcast, however, will take more work on your part. That work comes in with finding subjects to talk about without the benefit of a guest coming in with an outside perspective. 

Getting Podcast Guests: Take the Guessing Out of Finding Podcast Guests

When it comes to how to get podcast guests, it takes a mix of work and passion for your podcast and business. Yes, you have to put direct work into networking, marketing, and putting out requests for podcast guests. Your passion, however, is a key component. With it, you’ll have the drive to reach out to all sorts of guests and keep up your efforts.

For podcast support of all types, from podcast production and marketing to brainstorming solutions on which guests to invite, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media. Our team of marketing experts and podcast production pros will work with you to make your podcast and related business the best they can be.

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