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VR Podcasts: What Are VR Podcasts? Changing Podcast Reality

What are VR podcasts? How do you create a VR podcast? Are there VR podcasts about VR? When does virtual reality become a part of our regular reality in the podcast industry? These are the questions we found ourselves asking when we sat down to talk about VR podcasts here at Mr. Thrive

VR podcasts are a niche area of the podcast business industry. VR itself, however, is a major player in tech industries and in consumer experiences around the world. It’s no wonder there’s been a bridge between podcast creation and VR. 

In this Mr. Thrive Media blog post, it’s time for us to dive into VR podcasts. Within this discussion, we’ll also get situated in the world of VR. That is crucial for understanding how VR plays a role in podcasts. We’ll see what VR podcasts are all about, and learn how you can create one for yourself!

A Brief History of VR

Before we get into VR podcasts we’re going to take a look at VR in general. VR has been creeping up on the mainstream for years now. 

It started in video games, back in 1994. Sega introduced the VR-1 motion simulator in SegaWorld arcades. In 2007, Google introduced Street View, providing panoramic, fully realistic views of locations around the globe. The Oculus Rift headset made major waves in 2010, when the first prototype was designed. 

Since those early days, it’s been clear VR would eventually become a regular part of daily life. It shares this trajectory with AI in business, which is becoming more and more common as we write this blog post. 

VR started to mesh with the world of podcasts back in the early 2010s. In 2013, AltspaceVR came onto the scene, fully launching in 2015. AltspaceVR was a platform where you could create VR content to share in many capacities. It was bought up by Microsoft. When Microsoft sunsetted the project in March of 2023, parts of AltspaceVR were kept in the Microsoft Mesh program.

Following AltspaceVR was VRChat, created in 2014. VRChat is designed for virtual interactions in gaming, and has been adopted by podcasters as one of the best alternatives to AltspaceVR. 

Spaces like VRChat and Microsoft Mesh give podcasters the ability to create truly interactive shows. This takes the heart of podcasting, the connection with listeners, to the next level. All in all, the history of VR has led podcasters to create VR podcasts that give even more access and comfort to listeners. 

What Are VR Podcasts?

With a good understanding of how VR plays into podcasts and the growth of VR, it’s time to get into VR podcasts. So, what are VR podcasts? They are podcasts created fully in a VR space. 

In VR spaces, you can create a studio, and effectively a mini world to do podcast episodes. You are, effectively, creating a fully virtual podcast show, from production to release. 

It’s a creative plan on its own, and it’s especially incredible when you think of the crossover between podcast audiences and VR fans. The shared user base between VR and podcasts makes this melding of the two art forms an idea with extremely high potential. 

8 Elements of Creating VR Podcasts

If you’re looking to create a VR podcast or learn more about the process, these eight elements of creating VR podcasts will help. These are the basics you need to learn about to create a VR podcast. Within these categories, there’s always more to learn. If you sort through these steps, however, you’ll have a firm footing underneath you to start creating episodes.

8. Have a Quality Plan Outside of VR

Having a quality plan for your podcast outside of the VR space is critical. You’ll want a clear plan in place for your introductory podcast episode. You also have all the types of podcasts to choose from. Having a set podcast plan before your VR plan will give you less to balance in the VR process.

7. Choose the Right VR Creation Platform

Choosing the right VR creation platform may seem relatively straightforward, as there are a few main choices on the market currently. Those are:

  • VRChat
  • Microsoft Mesh
  • Unity
  • Blender
  • Maya
  • Unreal Engine
  • Amazon Sumerian

There are also many other VR software services in various stages of development and use. The VR world is still changing and growing at a rapid pace. Keep an eye on it as you plan your VR podcast, as more and better software solutions may come around the next corner.

6. Design Your Virtual Studio Space

Designing your virtual studio space will be the first heavy lift of working in the VR space for your podcast. After you’ve picked your software of choice, you’ll be able to dive into the mechanics of it. Put time and a lot of effort into building your virtual studio. Not only will it give you a great studio, but it will also help you develop a comfort with VR.

5. Consider Symbolism and Audience Connection As You Create Avatars

In a VR podcast, you’ll create an avatar to represent yourself, your co-host, and any podcast guests. In this process, take time and care to choose avatars that will help your audience connect with you. This could mean choosing a shirt with your podcast logo, as an option to bring depth to the experience.

4. Adapt Your Business Plan for VR Needs and Benefits

When you learn about writing a business plan for a podcast, you’ll learn all about the internal functions of running a podcast. When you take the leap to VR podcasts, make sure to write out the plan in your business plan. It’ll help you find areas where you’ll need to pay extra attention.

3. Choose Between Full VR or VR Supporting Additions

When you venture into the world of using VR for a podcast, you have options between full VR and VR additions. You can use parts of VR tools and software to ease the process of producing your podcast. You could also create some fully immersive experiences for different parts of your podcast brand. 

2. Spend Time Understanding VR Tools and Uses

Many of the tips, tricks, and to-do’s on this list will immerse you in the world of VR tools and solutions. If you’re going to create a podcast in VR, it’s of vital importance to have a good understanding of what VR does for you. Spend time, in these processes and in some study time, to understand the ins and outs of all the things VR can do.

1. Choose Between Live or Pre-Recorded Episodes

The choice between live and pre-recorded podcasts is something you’ll face no matter how you create your show. The ability to edit after recording is one of the biggest benefits of pre-recorded episodes. When it comes to the newer world of VR podcasts, this ability to review your show before release becomes an even more important benefit. 

VR Podcasts Versus Podcasts About VR

When we dove into the topic of VR podcasts for this blog, we found a mix of Google search results. There was information about creating podcasts in VR. There was also a great deal of search results about podcasts that focus on VR. When you start your own search, you’ll find something similar. 

VR podcasts, created fully in a VR space, are a unique way to enjoy podcasts. They can also be a fun challenge for podcasters to work with and master. For anyone looking to enjoy podcasts, podcasts about VR are also something to look into. You may even find VR-created podcasts about VR!

The Future of VR Podcasts

The future of VR podcasts isn’t something we can speak about definitively. That said, with the way tech is moving forward in all art forms and creative pursuits, we’re looking forward to the future of VR podcasts. 

Maybe they’ll become the norm. Perhaps they’ll be a specified subset of podcasts, reserved for the VR space. Whatever it is, we’re excited to keep learning where VR podcasts will go.

Frequently Asked Questions About VR Podcasts

The world of VR and VR podcasts is still growing at a rapid pace. Whether you’re aware of the key principles of VR, you’re an expert, or you’re starting to learn, there is always more to discover. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help guide you toward further learning with VR and VR podcasts. 

Is VR Really Immersive?

Yes, VR is completely immersive. When you’re using a VR headset you have no view of the outside world. The space in VR becomes everything you see, hear, and experience. You can keep yourself grounded with the chair you’re sitting on and the things you’re feeling and smelling in the real world. You can also disappear into the VR world if you dull those senses. 

Can You Do a Podcast In VR?

Yes, you can do a podcast in VR using any of the software options and operational plans outlined in this blog post. VR podcasts are yet to be an overwhelming source of media in the podcast industry. They are, however, rising in popularity with VR fans and people in podcasts who are looking for something new.

Why Is VR So Addictive?

VR is particularly addictive because the intense immersive experience lights up the pleasure sensors in your brain like no other. When you’re experiencing something in VR that you love and enjoy, you’re solely focused on it. Experiencing the same thing outside of VR, say a podcast episode, is still highly enjoyable. However, in VR, you’re able to sink fully into the experience.

Does VR Mess With Your Sense of Reality?

VR can have an effect on your sense of reality, in similar ways to playing a video game for an extended period of time. There have been some reports of depersonalization and derealization after extended time spent in a VR setting. In short, these two mental states are related to not feeling entirely connected with your body, yourself, and the world around you. 

If you’ve ever played a video game for a long time, you’ve likely had a similar experience. Maybe you were playing Pokemon for several hours and, the next time you went outside, you mistook an animal for a common Pokemon character. 

It can be disorienting, but if managed and noticed, it’s not a long-term problem. If you already experience depersonalization, derealization, or dissociative states, take care with VR. Stop using it if you notice a decline in your attachment to the physical world. 

VR Podcasting: A New (Virtual) Reality for Podcasts 

VR podcasts are one of many ways to make a unique podcast. Whatever your podcast goals and plans may be, the team here at Mr. Thrive can help. From podcast production to multi-media marketing, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to get started today! 

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