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Blogs for Podcasts: A Blog On the Importance of Blogs

When it comes to finding ways to build your podcast, reach a wider audience, and boost your business, creating blogs for podcasts is a critical step. Many of the most successful podcasts these days have accompanying blogs. Creating blogs for podcasts increases ROI for podcasts and builds the space of podcasts in the digital ecosystem

Here at Mr. Thrive Media, our blog works in tandem with our podcast efforts. We work with our clients to build up blogs around their podcasts as well, to enhance their digital ecosystems. All that goes to say, we’ve seen the benefits of blogs for podcasts in action, and we can’t recommend them highly enough. 

In this Mr. Thrive blog, we’ll walk you through the benefits of blogs for podcasts. We’ll also take a look at some of the best ways to incorporate a blog into your podcast business. Read on to learn the benefits you can look forward to when you combine a blog with your podcast.

The Benefits of Blogs for Podcasts

Blogs and podcasts are two highly beneficial content sources for your business. Maybe your business is your podcast and the following you gain from the show. Maybe your podcast is part of a larger business model. Either way, including a blog in your content plan–and as part of your podcast business plan–will help you grow your brand. 

These three benefits of blogs for podcasts apply to blogs and podcasts separately. When you bring them together, however, you get more bang for your buck in terms of content planning and digital ecosystem effort. Blogs for podcasts are a way to double up your media efforts and make your brand even more noticeable in the podcast industry.

3. Added Value and Credibility

When you can get added value and credibility for your brand, business, and website, you’re setting yourself up for success now and in the future. While your business goals likely revolve around profits and a growing client base, you need to provide a service and be a voice of authority to achieve those goals. 

Pairing a blog with your podcast puts the voice of your podcast and brand in two high-traffic areas of your web presence. Blogs are known across the internet as being some of the best traffic drivers a website can have. When your blog links to your podcast and your business, it becomes a specific driver of building your business.

2. Furthered Brand Voice

One of the main goals of hosting a podcast is to reach a wide audience with each episode and turn that audience into your podcast community. In other words, the goal is to further your brand voice to find a wide array of customers and clients. 

A blog furthers that goal by giving you a new medium to share your brand and draw in repeat readers. A good way to take advantage of this benefit is to stagger when you post episodes and blogs, to draw in readers and listeners over a longer period of time. As you consistently post and publish, keep track of your numbers at different times of day to find the right rhythm. 

1. Improved SEO

Improved SEO, or search engine optimization, is a part of the other two benefits on this list, and a benefit in and of itself. When you have improved SEO, your blog and website will rank higher on all the major search engines. A blog helps you achieve this goal, when you follow the rules of SEO, because it gets more and more content out there for Google to crawl and see your value.

Some SEO best practices involve choosing hashtags and keywords, as well as ensuring you put out high-quality, long-form blogs. When you build up a body of blog works, your site will be more visible through search engines, getting your business in front of more people. 

Ways to Pair Blogs with Podcasts

Those benefits of blogs for podcasts make it an easy decision to start up your own blog. The question is, how do you do that? At its base level, a blog can be any web content in editorial form. It can be built to fit your podcast and bring in web traffic. 

There are a few different tried-and-true options. These three types of blogs are widespread across the internet and for good reason. They are good for website traffic. You can work with them and SEO best practices to build up your brand. Which one is right for you will depend on personal preference and the subject of your podcast. 

3. Industry News Blogs

An industry news blog is perfect for any industry with a lot of regular, industry-wide updates. This includes industries such as travel, construction, transportation, manufacturing, and more. If your podcast niche has regular updates that will excite and educate your audience, an industry news blog is a great choice.

2. Original Blog Content

Original blog content is always a good idea. When you have original blog content you can match it to podcast episodes, but also explore the range of your podcast industry. An example of this comes from our blog here at Mr. Thrive. While our primary focus is podcasts and marketing, our content covers everything under the blanket of those industries, and a bit beyond as well. 

1. Edited Transcriptions of Podcast Episodes

Edited transcriptions of your podcast episodes are one of the most direct ways to tie your blog to your podcast. The key here is editing, because your rough podcast transcriptions won’t read the way a blog should. Hiring an editor can ease this process, so you can send them your recordings and watch your blog spring to life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blogs for Podcasts

The world of blogging and podcasting covers a lot of ground. Even if you’re hosting a podcast and blogging about it, there are always going to be more questions. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you further background information about blogs for podcasts. They also serve as a great jumping-off point for continued research and more questions.

Should Your Podcast Have a Blog?

Yes, having a blog for your podcast will give you greater authority in your industry and grow your brand. If you’re just starting a podcast now, we recommend you start up your blog at the same time, for ease of content creation and continuity. If you’ve been podcasting for a while and are interested in a blog, there’s never a bad time to start.

What are the Advantages of Blogs?

The advantages of blogs include:

  • Bringing increased traffic to your website
  • Bringing in leads through traffic
  • Giving you repurposable content for other parts of your digital ecosystem
  • Building up your authority in your industry
  • Strengthening your brand recognition
  • Building up your community through reader engagement

You’ll find that these mirror the advantages of having a podcast. The two are made to work well together.

Is It Better to Start a Blog or a Podcast?

If you’re choosing between a blog and a podcast to get you started, a blog can be faster to start, but both have long-term benefits. If you’re looking to only have one, spend some time thinking about the aspects of content creation for each one. Whichever one suits you better will be the right choice, but ultimately, they pair perfectly together.

What Makes a Podcast Better?

If you’re looking to improve your podcast as you blog alongside it, well-crafted episodes will help you get there. Of course, in each episode, there is an element of spontaneity in the conversation. 

The crafting of the episode comes in the planning process of the structure on a macro level. Setting up a consistent format, having a memorable hook, and always editing with care will help you make each episode a worthwhile listen for your audience.

How Do You Know If a Podcast Is Doing Well?

You can tell that a podcast is doing well when you notice:

  • A growing number of listeners
  • An increase in downloads of episodes
  • More sponsors and advertisements reaching out
  • An increase in reviews on social media and on the places you share your podcast
  • Increased website traffic
  • A rise in your networking connections

These are all pieces of the pie of a successful podcast. When you notice one or two of them occurring, check out these other areas of podcast success to see how your podcast is growing.

The Pairing of Blogs and Podcasts: A Content Power Couple 

Creating blogs for podcasts is one of the best ways to maximize your content online and grow your podcast. As both content mediums grow with your business, they are scalable to be whatever you need. Your blog can become a major profit point as it accompanies your podcast. 

If you’re looking to add a blog to your podcast business, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media today. With blog writing and content creation as part of our multi-media marketing tools, we’ll work with you to grow your online presence and bring more attention to your podcast through blogs.

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