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National Boss’s Day: Celebrating Our Workplace Leaders

Celebrating National Boss’s Day is a fun occasion for every type of business and type of podcast! Whether you’re hosting a podcast or working with clients on their podcast projects, you have a responsibility to your employees to be a great boss. 

Here at Mr. Thrive Media, we’re taking this National Boss’s Day as a chance to chat about bosses in podcasting and how employees can show their bosses appreciation this holiday. We’re also grabbing the opportunity to appreciate our boss, Chaz Volk

From his focus on celebrating mental health awareness to his abilities to lead and help us improve in our own ways, Chaz is the best boss. In this Mr. Thrive blog, we’ll talk about the impact of National Boss’s Day. We’ll also enjoy our chance to tell Chaz just how much he means to the team.

What Is National Boss’s Day?

So, what is National Boss’s Day? National Boss’s Day is a day dedicated to thanking the exceptional bosses in our lives. It started back in 1958, when Patricia Bays Haroski, a State Farm secretary in Deerfield, Illinois, registered the holiday. Patricia was working for her father at the time, so she chose his birthday, October 16, as the holiday date. 

In 1962 Illinois Governor Otto Kerner made an official proclamation of the holiday. Since then people have been bringing their bosses balloons and cakes, having parties, and showing their great bosses how much they appreciate them. It’s a day to say thank you for the hard work bosses do all year round.

It takes a lot to be a great boss. You have to know your core team values and hold them close as pillars of your business plan. You need an attitude of gratitude for your team because the appreciation goes both ways. When you work hard for your team, they’ll do the same for you and create a business that thrives together.

Being a Boss In Podcasting

National Boss’s Day takes on a special role in the podcasting industry. When you have a podcast of your own, you’re a boss. 

Maybe it’s not a full-blown business yet. Perhaps your goals revolve around growing your listenership and staying solely a podcast venture. Maybe you’re aiming to create a brand around your podcast and build up a service-based business. It could be that your podcast is a marketing and brand tool in an already fully functioning business.

Whatever the case may be, when you create a podcast and distribute it, no matter your intent, you’re building your skills as a boss. If you have employees or you’re a solo venturer, you’re still a boss. Celebrate National Boss’s Day in whatever way works best for you. You could create a podcast episode special. You could even use the day as a business jumping-off point.

Celebrating Our Mr. Thrive Media Boss

Here at Mr. Thrive Media, we’re lucky to have a boss who makes it easy to celebrate National Boss’s Day. Chaz Volk, our founder and fearless leader, puts his soul into Mr. Thrive, in every client and business partner endeavor. For our team, he leads women in podcasting to success every day. Our head of digital marketing, Red Española, had this to say when asked what she wants Chaz to know about why we celebrate him:

“Working with Chaz has been very refreshing. He taught me to see things as they are. I remember him once saying, “It’s not the end of the world” if we fail to complete a task due to reasonable circumstances. In the Philippines, we are trained to work overtime without pay because the expectation is that we will always deliver our best. Chaz helped me realize that if things are beyond my control, it’s okay to slow down, clear my mind, and plan accordingly.”

Sarah Ward, our content and copywriter, has had the pleasure of working with Chaz since August of 2022. When she sat down to talk about Chaz, she thought:

“There are so many types of bosses you can work with. There are bosses who are great at being your friend but can’t manage their business. There are bosses who are chaotic in personal interactions but effective in business growth. Then, there are some bosses who manage to do everything right. 

Chaz is one of those rare cases. He is kind. He is a born leader, knowing exactly what you need to learn to keep moving forward. He cares about not just his business, but your professional growth as well. I’ve been working for and with Chaz for over a year. I can’t wait until that becomes two, three, and more years in this business where I stretch my skills and learn under the invaluable tutelage of Chaz Volk.”

Bosses and Business Partners

It’s not just his direct employees who love working and interacting with Chaz. His business partners enjoy the benefit of his time, energy, and never-ending support. Bonnie Williams, our casting director and voice actor connection, says this about Chaz:

“Chaz is as multi-talented as he is kind. He’s so driven and it’s hard not to tag along! I’m always happy when we get to work on a project together, and he’s a great friend and industry partner.”

Noa Drori, our web developer, gave these thoughts on working with Chaz:

“Working with Chaz means working with a boss, a friend, and a mentor. He takes on the role of taking care of his business while also making sure you are taken care of. To him, his relationship with you comes first and it only leads to better work overall. Working with him really is the best of all worlds.”

Frequently Asked Questions About National Boss’s Day

We thoroughly enjoyed checking out these frequently asked questions on National Boss’s Day. They primarily focus on how to celebrate the day, and why we celebrate. If you’re looking for ideas on what to do for your boss, and some future info on employee appreciation days, read on!

Is National Boss’s Day Always October 16?

Yes, National Boss’s Day is always celebrated on October 16, although the day of the week moves with the calendar years. In 2023 that date happens to fall on a Monday, which makes it exceptionally situated to be celebrated. The middle of October can be a dull time with winter right around the corner, celebrating National Boss’s Day brightens up the month. 

Why Is National Boss’s Day Celebrated?

National Boss’s Day is celebrated because of one person who thought her dad was a wonderful boss. In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski registered National Boss’s Day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She chose October 16 because it was her father’s birthday, and she thought he was a particularly excellent boss.

What Should You Do for National Boss’s Day?

Some ideas of ways to celebrate National Boss’s Day include:

  • Send a card to your boss from yourself or the whole team
  • Give a personal gift of thanks
  • Throw a party at work
  • Celebrate them on your social media channels
  • Create an in-office award for the “best boss”

Whatever you do, make sure your boss or bosses are aware of how much you appreciate them. National Boss’s Day is simply one specific day to showcase how much you care for a boss who cares for you.

What Do You Say for National Boss’s Day?

Some things you can say to your boss on National Boss’s Day are:

  • Thank you for everything you do
  • Thank you for challenging me and helping me grow
  • You’re the best boss!
  • Thank you for giving this company your time and care
  • You’ve made this business the strong company it is

Depending on your relationship with your boss, you can personalize your National Boss’s Day message as much as you’d like. The main element to include is “thank you.”

What Date Is National Employee Appreciation Day?

National Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March each year. Dr. Bob Nelson, a founding member of Recognition Professionals International, started the celebration of National Employee Appreciation Day in 1995. It’s a day to celebrate your employees, which can be done by:

  • Giving them a half-day at work
  • Buying them a meal
  • Hosting a company party
  • Organizing a field day

As important as it is to celebrate our bosses, it goes the other way as well. The job of every boss is to take care of their employees, and celebrating National Employee Appreciation Day is one way to do so.

National Boss’s Day: Who’s the Boss You Celebrate? 

National Boss’s Day is the time to celebrate your boss and let them know how much you appreciate them. It’s also the perfect opportunity for bosses to examine their relationship with their employees and partners. Who are you the boss of? How have you been working together? How do you want your team to grow closer between now and National Boss’s Day next year?

At Mr. Thrive Media we’re always searching for how we can grow as a team. From team-building activities to our weekly meetings to connect and share our lives, consistent effort takes the cake for team congruity. When it comes to building your team, we can help there as well! 

Reach out to Mr. Thrive today to learn how we can help you streamline your business and help your team grow together. Through podcast production, virtual assistant services, and marketing solutions, we’ve got you covered. 

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