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Podcast Promotion: Tips for Podcast Promotion Platform-Wide

One thing podcasts around the world have in common is the need for exceptional podcast promotion. You can tap into the influence of podcasting when you have an active plan for your podcast promotion strategies throughout the digital ecosystem. That plan should include all the social media platforms and traditional marketing spaces you’re going to work in. 

In this Mr. Thrive blog, we’ll walk you through the basic plans for podcast promotion in all the spaces where you want to work. Across the board of all these social media platforms and traditional marketing spaces, there are different marketing practices to lean into for each space. Read on to learn how to utilize podcast promotion across these spaces to boost your podcast business.

Podcast Promotion On Social Media

Podcast promotion on social media is the bulk of your overall plan for podcast promos. From choosing hashtags and keywords to using SEO best practices, the digital space is the main place to build your podcast network. Using social media effectively in your marketing campaigns will help you get podcast sponsors and grow your business. 

Top 10 Social Media Platforms for Podcast Promotion

Armed with the knowledge that social media is vital for podcast promotion, the next question is, which platforms should you promote on? The answer is: start with these 10 options. You don’t have to use all of these platforms for your podcast promotion. In fact, several of these are specifically useful for unique podcast situations. Pick and choose the right ones for you.

10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is useful in a niche sense: you can use it to build a community. A big portion of the initial work of growing a podcast is all about finding your audience. Giving potential listeners–and even potential podcast guests–a place to gather is paramount. 

9. Pinterest

Pinterest has a reputation among social media platforms as being more about objects and ideas than people. It’s not the place to get your name in particular out there, but it is helpful for branding. Sharing content–both video and still photography–on Pinterest will get the idea of your brand out for that community to see. 

8. Reddit

Reddit is another one of the more unique social platforms on this list, and it’s useful for a specific purpose. On Reddit, you can get people talking in bursts of passion and energy. It’s a quick-paced space and can serve you well as a place to spark discussions and get people talking about your podcast.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a long-standing place as a business-driven social platform. It’s the place to promote blogs for podcasts and other industry-focused pieces of content. It can also be helpful in growing your network of potential guests and business referrals. Be sure to connect on LinkedIn with each podcast guest, to continually expand your network.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is most popular among folks between 15 and 25 years old. Using Snapchat is a decision based on who your preferred audience is. If the people you want to connect with are in that age range Snapchat is a great option for posting consistent content. 

5. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most used platforms for sharing podcasts, and should absolutely be part of your podcast promotion plan. If you’re sharing your full episodes on YouTube, promotion alongside those shows will come about naturally. If you aren’t currently using YouTube for your show, sharing YouTube shorts will help you manage a connection in the community.

4. Twitch

Twitch is another excellent option for sharing your podcast episodes in addition to promotional activity. Twitch is a general streaming service but it has a pronounced focus on gaming and the esports industry. If your podcast has any ties to gaming or entertainment you’ll do especially well on Twitch.

3. Facebook

Facebook has gone through phases as a utilized platform and as a place where not much happens. You might ask yourself, “Is it worth promoting on Facebook?” The answer is yes if your audience is active on Facebook. The most active Facebook users are men between 25 and 34, so if your demographic is within those parameters, use it!

2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most heavily used social media platforms. There are very few demographics that don’t fit with Instagram. Ultimately, you should use Instagram for podcast promotion. Every feature, from stories to reels, will help you build up your Instagram community and body of content for people to find.

1. TikTok

There’s no way around TikTok marketing for podcast promotion. TikTok is, and has been for a while, the key to social media marketing. Everyone is either on TikTok or sees TikTok content shared on other platforms. Putting up TikTok videos and clips from your podcast is a must.

Traditional Marketing and Podcast Promotion 

Podcasts have a unique space in the world of traditional marketing. Yes, podcasts are primarily in the digital space. Much of their advertising takes place in new-age digital places. That said, traditional marketing is far from dead. It can be a great way to bolster your marketing campaigns and reach a wider audience. You can up your ROI for podcasts with traditional marketing plans.

3 Key Types of Traditional Marketing for Podcast Promotion

These three key types of traditional marketing for podcast promotion run the gamut of what you need in podcast promotion. The bulk of your marketing practices will show up in the digital space. These three aspects of traditional marketing will help you reach niche audiences for each facet of marketing. 

3. Radio Spots

Radio spots, usually 15 to 30 seconds, are a good way to get your podcast news out to anyone listening to the radio. This aspect of traditional marketing is specifically helpful if your local area relies on the radio. The right marketing consulting services can help you decide if radio spots are a good choice for you.

2. Print Media

Print media–magazines and news ads–are another locally specific type of traditional marketing. Is your niche audience spending time reading the paper? Do your target audiences match up with the audience of a particular magazine? If yes, purchasing some ad space in these places is a good idea.

1. Local Bulletins

Local bulletins are our third and final traditional marketing tool for podcasts and, like the others, they are dictated by your local needs. Do people spend a lot of time in specific coffee shops with bulletin announcements? Is there a town square where folks gather information about upcoming events? These places can be helpful tools for continual podcast promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Promoting Your Podcast

Podcast promotion, from digital and social promotion to traditional marketing, is something you’ll spend a lot of time working on for your show. There’s no way around it and the more you know about marketing, the easier it’ll be. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will provide further support for your podcast promotion and marketing practices.

What Social Media Platform Is Best for Podcasts?

There isn’t one single best social media platform for all podcasts. It depends on your podcast topic and your niche audience. If you’re trying to gain traction with a following of younger folks, places like TikTok and Snapchat will be useful. If your podcast is firmly in the entertainment industry, Twitch could be the perfect place. It’s all about what suits your podcast. 

Is TikTok Good for Podcast Promotion?

Yes, TikTok is a good place for podcast promotion, from sharing videos to gaining a following. TikTok is a huge bonus when it comes to visual branding projects, because of the visual nature of all TikTok content. 

You can get the news out about your podcast with episode clips to draw people in. Even if you’re worried about the potential eventuality of a TikTok ban, it’s worthwhile to promote your podcast on the wildly popular platform. 

What Is the Most Viewed Podcast Platform?

YouTube takes first place as the platform most popular for podcast viewing. A recent study shared that YouTube is host to 33% of all podcast viewers. Spotify comes in for second place at 24%, giving the two of them more than 50% of all podcast viewers. 

Apple podcasts also comes into play, but YouTube has been around for a long time. There are many loyal YouTube users relying on the site for all their media. 

How Do I Get 1000 Listeners for My Podcast?

There isn’t one single way to get your first 1000 podcast listeners, but some tips to lead you in that direction include:

  • Providing exciting, useful content that gives listeners something valuable for the time they put into listening to your show 
  • Engaging with your audience to build relationships and become known as a host who cares for their fans

If you follow those principles you’ll find your show will grow at an organic rate. Caring for your listeners and providing a valuable experience will keep you moving forward.

Promoting Your Podcast: Find Your Best Podcast Promos 

Promoting podcasts in the digital ecosystem, across social media platforms, is one of the most critical ways of cultivating podcast business growth. Podcast promotion is part of everything you do for your podcast, directly and indirectly. If you’re looking to see how to expand your promotion plans, check out Mr. Thrive’s free digital ecosystem audit, available through October 14, 2023. 

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