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Who Sponsors Podcasts? 54 Businesses Who Sponsor Podcasts 

Who sponsors podcasts? How can you connect with sponsors? How will they find you and your podcast? How do you get podcast sponsors? Learning the answers to these questions and more is the key to creating a successful podcast and mastering podcast promotion

From podcasts and ad spending to the network of how and where to share your podcast, part of the podcast puzzle is getting the right businesses invested. Getting the right sponsors helps in that endeavor! Read on through this Mr. Thrive blog to learn all about who sponsors podcasts and how you can find the best sponsors.

Characteristics of Businesses Who Sponsor Podcasts

The main thing you want to look at when searching for businesses that may suit your podcast as sponsors are the core team values of those businesses. If you have shared values, they are all the more likely to want to work with you. Your shared goals and beliefs translate to a common customer base. 

When peering into the core values of potential sponsors, keep an eye out for these four characteristics: 

1. Strong Community Values

As a business industry, podcasts are built on community support. With this in mind, businesses with strong community values are the most likely to appreciate the potential of podcasts. Seek these businesses as a starting point.

2. Direct Mission Statements

The more information you can glean about what a business is trying to do before you pitch your podcast to them, the better. When brands have a direct mission statement, it’s a straightforward option for learning what makes them tick.

3. Authentic Business Methods

When a business is built on authenticity they are open to creativity in their business expansion. This is because they see the value of authenticity and untapped potential. Showcase your podcast’s potential to get them interested. 

4. Inspirational Business Leaders

Strong companies that dive into new avenues of business growth and take chances on bold ideas are created by inspirational business leaders. Let this requirement for a creative head of the business drive your search for sponsors. 

54 Businesses Who Sponsor Podcasts 

The list of every single business around the world who would be willing to sponsor a podcast would be impossibly long. It would hurt your eyeballs just to attempt to read it. To avoid that pain, we’ve focused on a list of types of businesses that are ready and willing to sponsor podcasts. These 54 business types are well-positioned for podcast sponsorship:

  1. Online retailers such as Amazon or eBay
  2. Meal-kit delivery services like HelloFresh or Blue Apron
  3. e-Commerce platforms such as Shopify
  4. Subscription box services along the lines of Birchbox or Stitch Fix
  5. Online learning platforms like Skillshare
  6. Home security systems such as Vivint or SimpliSafe
  7. Online banks like Chime
  8. Meal delivery apps, including UberEats and DoorDash
  9. Web hosting services like Squarespace or WordPress
  10. VPN services like NordVPN or Surfshark
  11. Website builders such as Wix or Weebly
  12. Dating apps like Tinder or Bumble
  13. Mass-production beverage companies such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi
  14. Legal services along the lines of LegalZoom
  15. Event ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster
  16. Software companies such as Adobe or Microsoft
  17. Clothing brands like Levi’s or Nike
  18. Insurance companies such as Geico or Progressive
  19. TV and movie streaming services like Hulu or Peacock
  20. Car rental companies such as Enterprise or Hertz
  21. Airlines like American Airlines or Air France
  22. Pet supply stores like PetCo and BarkBox
  23. Job search sites like Indeed and Monster
  24. Social networking platforms such as LinkedIn
  25. Email marketing services along the lines of Mailchimp or GetResponse
  26. Fitness apparel and equipment brands such as Peloton or Lululemon
  27. Real estate businesses like Zillow or Redfin
  28. Podcast hosting platforms such as Libsyn or Podbean
  29. Personal finance apps along the lines of Mint
  30. Furniture and home design companies like Wayfair and ApartmentTherapy
  31. Weight loss programs like WeightWatchers or Noom
  32. Exercise apps such as Couch to 5k
  33. Personal care businesses like Lush and Bath & Bodyworks
  34. Outdoor brands along the lines of REI
  35. Home improvement and renovation services such as HomeAdvisor
  36. Gaming and accessories such as PlayStation and Alienware
  37. Audiobook platforms like Audible
  38. Public resources such as the library
  39. Social streaming services such as YouTube or Twitch
  40. Investment and trading platforms like E*TRADE or Morgan Stanley
  41. Health and wellness brands such as Goop or Athletic Greens
  42. Phone and internet companies such as AT&T and Verizon
  43. Online market research and survey platforms along the lines of SurveyMonkey or Doodle
  44. Men’s grooming such as Dollar Shave Club or Old Spice
  45. Meal replacement and nutrition brands such as Soylent
  46. Health insurance providers such as Cigna or Aetna
  47. Audio equipment brands like Bose or Sony
  48. Language learning applications along the lines of Babble or Duolingo
  49. Credit card companies like American Express or Visa
  50. Nonprofits
  51. Local businesses in your area
  52. Home automation and smart home systems like Nest and Echo
  53. Sustainable brands like Boody or Package Free Shop
  54. Travel booking platforms along the lines of Expedia or Airbnb

Ultimately, there are businesses in every industry open to sponsoring podcasts. They might not advertise that willingness, but every business wants to get in on something new. Podcasts are still new enough to the widespread working world that they are an exciting business venture. They’re also, happily, a profitable venture. 

When businesses sponsor podcasts, they get the audience of that show. That brings in business, no matter which type of business they are (okay, maybe a funeral home isn’t the best option for a sponsor). You can pitch a business on your value to their bottom line to find sponsorships in unexpected places.

Podcast Sponsorship Business Networks 

That said, there are also plenty of ways to get straight in touch with businesses actively seeking podcasts to sponsor. There are platforms where businesses can sign up to find podcasts to work with, where you can put your podcast on the list. Those platforms include:

  • AdsWizz
  • Podcorn
  • Podbean
  • AdvertiseCast
  • Freshworks
  • Acast
  • Podvertise
  • Sweet Fish Media

These advertising marketplace platforms help podcasts of all shapes and sizes. Some sites connect niche shows with their precise business partners. There are others designed to work well for shows with a smaller number of listeners. 

You won’t know who might be available to sponsor your podcast until you search. Looking into these sites and reaching out to preferred brands must be a constant effort. Getting sponsorships is one of the best things you can do for your podcast ROI. It is a vital part of the effort of podcast business growth.

How to Pitch Your Podcast to Sponsors

Whether you’re joining a network or pitching directly to brands, you need to learn how to sell your show as a sponsorship opportunity. It starts with writing a podcast business plan. In your business plan, include an overview of your show, who your audience is, and how much potential there is for growth in that sector of the podcast industry. 

Businesses want to know that sponsoring your podcast will bring them profits and greater brand recognition and reach. In writing a pitch or speaking to those brands, find your value and profit points and share them. Those benefits, combined with your passion for your show and industry, will get people invested. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcast Sponsors

Finding and working with podcast sponsors is something podcasters dedicate a lot of time and effort to in their work. When you spend a lot of time on something, it’s best to be fully informed. To stay up to date and get started learning about podcast sponsors, check out our answers to these FAQs:

How Do Podcasts Get Sponsors?

There are two main ways podcasts can get sponsors:

  1. Joining podcast networks, like the ones mentioned above in this blog
  2. Pitching directly to brands, particularly brands within their niche industry or area of interest

There is also a way podcasts get sponsors as they get more listeners and grow in popularity. That is: being approached by brands. 

Who Is the Most Popular Podcast Sponsor?

Some of the most popular podcast sponsors as of recent checks within the industry are:

  • BetterHelp therapy
  • Sports brands
  • The comedy industry
  • Google
  • The society and culture industries
  • Flutter Entertainment
  • Gametime

It’s an eclectic mix, which goes to show how many varied sponsors there are in the podcast world! No matter your niche, there is a sponsor who is just right for you.

How Do I Get Sponsors for My Small Podcast?

Some of the first steps you should take to find sponsors for a smaller podcast are:

  • Think about your niche and how it relates to different brands and industries. Brainstorm a big list of how many industries and businesses could be related to your podcast topic. From there, narrow it down to the most likely places that will sponsor you.
  • Create a sponsorship proposal to share with potential sponsors. This is the place to showcase what your podcast is and how well it is doing with your audience. In short, this section is where you will show sponsors the value of working with you.
  • Send out your pitch! 
  • Follow up with potential sponsors to make sure you’re diving into every lead and potential contact.

Every podcast starts small. You can reach great podcast heights if you’re willing to put in the work. A major part of that work is investing time in finding sponsors to support your podcast goals. 

Do Small Podcasts Make Money?

Small podcasts can be profitable, but typically on a smaller scale. An average statistic reads that it takes a podcast getting around 10,000 downloads per episode to make $500 to $900. Smaller podcasts can do well in terms of monetization with direct sponsorship outreach and an exceptionally unique selling point. 

Meet Your New Sponsors Today!

Now you’ve got the answer to, “Who sponsors podcasts?” The next step is to take this information and find your sponsors! Mr. Thrive Media can help you there. With a range of services from podcast production to marketing consulting, we’ve got your back. Reach out and get started today.

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