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The 10 Best Types of Holiday and End-of-Year Podcasts 

The constant work of being a podcast host revolves around finding podcast episode topics. From speaking about core team values to discussing the history of podcasting in your industry, the range of topics you can cover is vast. It’s also fitting for many different times of the year. When it comes time for the year to end, you’re faced with a particular topic theme: holidays and the year’s end. 

Here at Mr. Thrive, we’ve spent time finding podcast topics and blogs for podcasts all year long. We’ve checked out scary good podcast equipment lists for Halloween and dug down deep into our attitude of gratitude for Thanksgiving. Holidays provide plenty of content ideas when you think about what they mean for you and your industry.

In this Mr. Thrive blog, we’re sharing our expertise on the best types of holiday and end-of-year podcasts with you, to make your podcast shine into the new year. Read on through these tips on planning your holiday and end-of-year podcasts and working around the podcast industry during the holiday season.

Planning Holiday and End-of-Year Podcast Episodes

Planning holiday and end-of-year podcast episodes is a task best tackled around mid-October and the beginning of November. Whether you work with live or pre-recorded podcasts, it’s never too early to plan ahead. Populating your digital ecosystem with thoroughly thought-through podcasts improves your content and draws in listeners. 

These 10 best types of holiday and end-of-year podcasts are a great place to start. These topics will mean something different for you depending on your industry and podcast format. Whether you have a vodcast, a business podcast, or a podcast guest-led show, use these ideas as a jumping-off point. 

1. Year-In-Review Episodes

Year-in-review episodes can be about any part of your year and business over the last 12 months. You could focus on the guests you’ve spoken to, your favorite episodes released, or the growth of your team through the year. Whatever meant the most to you and your audience through the year is the direction you should lean into.

2. New Year’s Resolution Episodes

New Year’s resolutions are perfect for the end of December or the very beginning of January. As listenership picks up after the holidays in those first weeks of January, put out an episode on your team resolutions. You can also share the resolutions of a guest if you have one for that episode. 

3. Mental Health Support In the Holidays

There’s never a bad time to celebrate mental health awareness. It’s especially prevalent in the holidays, when folks can struggle with being around family, or not being around loved ones if they aren’t at home. An episode on mental health support of any sort will be good this time of year.

4. Best Publications of the Year for Your Industry

Every industry has a range of publications throughout the year. These can come in the form of economics reports, tech breakthroughs, statistics on the customer base, and much more. A review of the best publications in your industry will bring authority to your podcast. 

5. Holiday Celebration Episodes

Holiday celebration episodes are some of the very best types of holiday and end-of-year podcasts! Whether you’re celebrating Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist, or any other religious holidays, there is so much you can share with your podcast community. You can teach about traditions, talk about what they mean to you, or share what others can do to support people who celebrate different holidays. 

6. Expectations for the New Year

Apart from New Year’s resolutions, there are expectations for the new year for individuals and industries. Maybe you’re expecting a boom in your industry with some new technology just around the corner. Perhaps there’s a conference coming up that will change the way people work in your industry. Whatever it is, talk about it and get your audience excited!

7. Gratitude Attitude Episodes

Gratitude attitude episodes are ideal for Thanksgiving, but work for any time during the holidays! There is so much we can all be thankful for this time of year. You can focus on what went well for your business, personal growth you’ve made, or industry news that makes you smile. 

8. Gift Guides

Gift guides are a classic for the holidays for every type of business. Whatever your industry may be, there are products and services people can enjoy tied to that industry. Make a list of your favorites and share it so your audience can enjoy something new. 

9. Technology Updates for the New Year

Technology updates for the new year will be dependent on your industry and podcast focus. If you’re primarily focused on the making of podcasts–similar to Mr. Thrive’s content–you could create an episode on the tech you’re excited to implement in the new year. 

10. Social Media Year-In-Review

A social media year-in-review is a precise version of a year-in-review episode. You can focus on the best content that made waves on your social media. You could also talk about content that was shared with you, and turn it into an audience-focused episode about the content they generated. 

Podcast Listenership Around the Holidays

Podcast listenership around the holidays is important for new podcast hosts to engage with and for seasoned podcasters to keep an eye on. Depending on your type of podcast, your listenership in the holiday season could wax or wane. Typically, podcast listenership drops down around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s as people spend time with loved ones. 

On the other hand, listenership peaks right before and after those holidays, with the beginning of January being a high listener time. You can cater to those listeners and boost your podcast ROI by focusing on topics of holiday cheer, New Year’s resolutions, and celebratory themes. 

Podcast Plans for the Upcoming Year

The more you can plan ahead for your podcast, the better. As you approach the new year you can plan for everything, from how to get more podcast sponsors to dusting up on SEO best practices. Creating a content calendar for episodes, with a rough outline for each show, will help you feel prepared for the year ahead. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcast Episodes for Holidays and End-of-Year Occasions

Planning podcast episodes, from the best types of holiday and end-of-year podcasts to all year round, takes a lot of focus and information. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you get started. The more you plan, the easier it’ll be to lay out episodes. Writing a podcast business plan can also help in that regard. 

Do People Listen To Podcasts on Holidays?

People often listen to podcasts around the holidays and during travel time to holiday destinations. On the days of holidays themselves, listenership is known to drop off steeply as people spend time with loved ones (or on delightful solo vacations). You can cater to these listeners by focusing on holiday topics relating to your podcast subject.

What Is the Best Day To Publish a Podcast?

For most podcasts, the best days to post a podcast are during the week. This is because people listen to podcasts more often when they are commuting to and from work. As you send more and more episodes out into the world, examine your analytics to see when you get the most listeners. From there, design your posting times around that information. 

How Often Do Millennials Listen To Podcasts?

On average, 50% of the Millennial age group listens to podcasts on a weekly basis. The current Millennial age range is between 25 and 42, which is the primary listening group for most podcast shows. Incidentally, that is also the key age demographic many businesses cater toward. 

How Do You Get Noticed on a Podcast?

Some tried-and-true practices to get your podcast to reach a wide audience include:

  • Creating excellent podcast episode titles
  • Choosing precise and varied keywords for different episodes 
  • Maintaining a carefully designed website for your show
  • Sharing your content regularly on social media to engage in podcast promotion
  • Submitting your podcast to all the podcast directories 

Making headway with your audience growth takes time and consistent effort. Maintaining these practices will help you get there. Eventually, you’ll find a customer base that brings in referrals and new listeners because of the quality content you’re producing. 

End-of-Year and Holiday Podcasts: Record the New Year with a Special Podcast 

The common theme of the best types of holiday and end-of-year podcasts is that they’re a chance to start the new year fresh. You can absorb information from the past year, reflect on what you’ve done for yourself and your business, and plan ahead for the coming 12 months. 

At Mr. Thrive Media, we’re a business built on the understanding that progress and podcast business growth come from examining the past and moving forward with new ideas. We do that within our team and for our clients

If you’re looking to grow your business and podcast in the new year, bringing with you the lessons you’ve learned, reach out to work with Mr. Thrive Media today! 

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