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Recommended Podcast Episode Topics: 100 Podcast Episode Tips

Across all the types of podcasts to create and patterns of podcast production to follow, there’s one thing every host needs to put time and effort into. That is, finding exciting, often recommended podcast episode topics. 

Choosing podcast episode topics sets you up for success. Having the best podcast episode topics picked out in advance helps in every area of podcast creation and marketing, including:

In short, having a plan for your podcast episode topics supports the direction and drive of your podcast business. Read through this Mr. Thrive blog to learn our top 100 recommended podcast episode topics and how you can plan the future of your show.

The Trends of Recommended Podcast Episode Topics

There are running trends and hot takes on podcast episode topics. Many episode topics stand by trends within the evergreen content category. Others lean on your core values and business goals to follow trends in your industry. There are trends around end-of-year and holiday podcasts

All this goes to say is that the trends of recommended podcast episode topics have a certain direction in making lasting, compelling content. Beyond that, the mic is yours.

How To Find Podcast Episode Topics

Finding podcast episode topics is a task that feels daunting for many new (and experienced, sometimes) podcasters. It is a big job on your to-do list, in part because it is a constant need as you produce new content. 

The process of how to find podcast episode topics is best handled with a mix of creativity and brainstorming. Starting from a place of creativity with your podcast as a whole gives you better content. From there, brainstorm, with your team if you have one, 50 ideas for episodes. You’ll find at least 20 that you love!

100 Podcast Episode Topics

Finding podcast episode topics takes time and a lot of effort from the beginning and through your entire show. To streamline and kickstart your efforts we’ve compiled a list of 120 podcast episode topics to choose from. We’ve broken them into 12 groups for ease of reading, organizing, and managing your podcast episodes. Read on for inspiration no matter your industry or podcast goals.

Marketing and Advertising Podcast Topics

These 10 ideas of marketing and advertising podcast topics run the evergreen gamut of industry news and information:

  • The age of influencer marketing
  • Secrets of digital content marketing
  • Advertising in the digital age
  • Social media management solutions
  • Consumer behavior through social media
  • Brand loyalty in a saturated market
  • The art of marketing storytelling
  • Launching new campaigns with ease
  • The differences between marketing and advertising
  • Starting a marketing agency

Podcasting Podcast Topics

It didn’t take us long at Mr. Thrive to bounce around ideas for these 10 podcasting podcast topics:

  • How to start a new podcast
  • Podcast monetization strategies
  • Narrated podcast production
  • Finding podcast guests
  • Finding podcast sponsors
  • How to market a podcast
  • Finding your podcast community
  • Public speaking and podcast creation
  • Podcast advertising materials
  • Podcast hosting platforms guide

News and Journalism Podcast Topics

The whirlwind around news and journalism in today’s fast-paced, social media-driven world drives a spectacular industry. These 10 news and journalism podcast topics are a great start for a heavy-hitting show:

  • The importance of journalism ethics
  • Innovations in digital journalism
  • Journalism and online article resources
  • The future of journalism
  • A guide to media literacy
  • The role of investigative journalism in podcasting
  • Social media and journalism endeavors
  • Journalism and diversity
  • Media business models
  • Global journalism tips and tricks

Retail Podcast Topics

The retail market is a global giant. These 10 retail podcast topics showcase how much you can do with this industry in a podcast:

  • Retail marketing tools
  • The new retail business model
  • Brick-and-mortar versus digital retail businesses
  • A guide for retail employees
  • Sustainability in retail
  • Visual merchandising tips and tricks
  • Retail customer experience
  • The evolution of retail
  • Global retail models
  • Retail supply chain navigation

Workplace Podcast Topics

We spend so much of our time at work, it only makes sense to seek out workplace podcast topics like these:

  • The future of remote work
  • The art of networking
  • Finding inclusivity in the workplace
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Learning to lead a team
  • Finding your career path
  • Management tiers in hospitality
  • Managing a small business
  • Health insurance through employers
  • Reaching workplace milestones

Gig Economy Podcast Topics

The gig economy shows no signs of slowing down worldwide. These 10 ideas for gig economy podcast topics can help you shape a show around this growing industry:

  • The growth of the gig economy
  • Finding gig economy platforms
  • Finances for freelancers
  • Worker’s rights in the gig economy
  • Tales of gig entrepreneurship 
  • The post-pandemic gig economy
  • The gig economy and personal life balance
  • Challenges of the gig economy
  • Building your brand in the gig economy
  • Legislation of the gig economy

Entrepreneurship Podcast Topics

Here at Mr. Thrive entrepreneurship isn’t one of our core team values but it might as well be! A podcast using these 10 entrepreneurship podcast topics thrills us to our bones:

  • The rise of social entrepreneurship
  • Finding the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Why to start your own business 
  • Mastering time management for entrepreneurs
  • Building a personal brand
  • Mentoring in the entrepreneur world
  • First steps to become an entrepreneur
  • Different routes for entrepreneurs
  • Leading as an entrepreneur
  • The benefits of being an entrepreneur

Tech Podcast Topics

Who doesn’t love a good tech podcast? These 10 tech podcast topics for episodes will help you get off to a great start or spruce up your existing show:

  • Everyday uses of AI
  • AI in business
  • Cybersecurity analytics
  • Experiencing the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Healthcare tech trends
  • The basics of cryptocurrency
  • The magic of 3D printing
  • Digital space exploration
  • The role of Big Data
  • Future uses of AI in business

Health and Wellness Podcast Topics

These 10 health and wellness podcast topics will draw in a wide range of listeners who engage with this industry of content:

  • Workplace and mental health mix-ups
  • Eating for fun, not just fuel
  • Quick and easy workouts
  • The importance of sleep hygiene
  • What’s the matter with mindfulness? 
  • The secrets to happiness through good health
  • Skincare built for you
  • The connections between physical and mental health
  • The benefits of long-distance running
  • The pressed juice movement

Political Podcast Topics

As for political podcast topics, it’s soft ground to walk on as a host. These 10 topics keep it open and easy, and leave room for your own opinions if you choose to share them:

  • Understanding your political parties
  • What is bipartisanship?
  • Election analysis notes
  • Social media and politics
  • The facts of political ideologies
  • A guide to civic engagement
  • Technology and politics
  • Political maps of the U.S.
  • Political journalism
  • Climate change and politics

Planning Your Podcast Episode Topics

Planning your podcast episode topics is something you should put a fair amount of time and a great deal of effort into. The more you have planned, the easier it is to create episodes. 

It’s recommended to have at least three months of a content calendar planned out with episode titles and general ideas. From there, having a month or two of episodes ready to be released saves you from headaches around publishing days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podcast Topics

The broad range of podcast topics, as a topic, inspires a great deal of questions. It starts with finding your initial podcast show idea. From there, it never ends! You’ll want to batch ideas to make episodes in advance and feel ready for a few months ahead. The questions you’ll think of are endless. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will get you started.

What are Podcast Topics?

Podcast topics cover a range of everything you can talk about on a podcast. That range encompasses your audience and their interests, your industry, and your own personal knowledge. You can do interviews and have topics guided by guests. You can review products and services. Heck, you can create your own product and produce a podcast around that business.

How Do I Come Up with a Podcast Idea?

Coming up with a podcast idea takes a mix of passion, knowledge, and creativity. From the beginning, you should start with passion to find an overarching topic you will enjoy. Going beyond passion, your knowledge of the subject doesn’t have to encompass everything, but you should have a basic understanding. When it comes to creativity, the world of podcasts is open to you. 

What Were the Top Podcast Categories In 2023?

The top, fast-growing podcast categories around the world for 2023 were:

  • Society and culture
  • Education
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Health and fitness
  • Business and technology

These categories cover a lot of ground. With the coverage these categories have, it’s likely they’ll continue to be the frontrunners for 2024 and beyond. These are good places to start if you’re searching for a general podcast topic.

What Do People Look For In a Podcast?

Some of the key factors people seek out in the podcasts they listen to are:

  • An original idea
  • A catchy name
  • Well-structured episodes (narrated podcasting in live or pre-recorded podcasts can help here)
  • A host who engages with the listeners
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Quality storytelling
  • Value!
  • Regular episode shares
  • Relevant and interesting guests
  • A host who loves what they do

These factors run the gamut of what you need to create a successful podcast. A lot of them start with you, as a host, enjoying what you do and putting energy into the show.

How Do Introverts Start Podcasts?

For introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts, the best way to start a podcast is to up your comfort level with speaking from an improv mindset. As much as you plan for each episode, if you have guests or lively cohosts, you’re going to have surprises in dialogue. Being able to speak off the cuff is a must to stay engaged and feel comfortable in the episode conversation.

Podcast Episode Topics: So Many To Pick From! 

These 120 recommended podcast episode topics will give you a head start if you’re starting a new podcast. They’re also useful if you’re spicing up a current show and looking for new inspiration. Whatever your podcast situation may be and wherever your goals may lead, Mr. Thrive Media is here to help. 

Our team of podcast production specialists, marketing experts, voice actors, and virtual assistants is never more than a phone call away. Until the end of January 2024, take advantage of our FREE digital ecosystem audit. It’s designed to set your business up for a great digital start in the new year. 


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