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Thanks In the Podcasting Community: 5 Ways to Give Thanks

Giving thanks in the podcasting community is something we all should do more of, and can practice to greater heights. We work in this industry every day, offering marketing consulting services and working with podcasts in the digital ecosystem. How often do we think about how thankful we are for this opportunity? Do we give that thanks back to the community?

In this Mr. Thrive Media blog, we’ll dive deep into the ways of giving thanks in the podcasting community. We love a good holiday blog here, from the best types of holiday and end-of-year podcasts to a classic attitude of gratitude for Thanksgiving. There is so much to talk about, and frankly, so much to be thankful for in this industry we all share.

Celebrating Thanksgiving In the Podcast Community

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the podcast community is multifaceted. One topic we all are familiar with is how much of a privilege it is to have podcasting be your job. How is that possible? How do we get paid to share content and connect with people? It’s insane! It’s wonderful! It’s something we all should appreciate every single day. 

We’re eternally grateful for the gift that is podcasting here at Mr. Thrive Media. The Mr. Thrive Media brand is built on the hard work and determination of our CEO and founder, Chaz Volk. Chaz has shared his story with all of us at the company and in the audience many times. He was working dead-end jobs, wondering if there was something better. That’s when he turned to podcasting. 

The brand grew from Chaz and his nature of not accepting that life was mundane and exhausting. He knew there was more, and he found it through starting the podcast. Now it’s grown to multiple podcasts, clients from a variety of industries, marketing services, and a robust mentoring program. That’s a lot to be thankful for! We’re enjoying all of it and recognizing how much of a privilege it is this Thanksgiving season, and every other season too!

Giving Thanks In the Podcasting Community

Giving thanks in the podcasting community is for the hosts, guests, co-hosts, and listeners. We’re all reliant on each other for this beautiful industry to work. Hosts have some of the most direct power to say thank you. Of course, guests, co-hosts, and listeners can also say thank you. It can be done through social media, direct messages, or occasionally in person.

For this blog, we’re here to give ideas to podcast hosts. These five ways of saying thank you to your podcast community are a jumping-off point. You can stick with these or use them as inspiration for your way of saying thank you.

1. Fans of the Week or Month

Celebrating your fans with a fan of the week or month is a great way to make people feel seen and appreciated. You can hold contests for this, and make it random and regular so everyone gets to join in. You can also do this for fans who reach out and are particularly engaged with the show.

2. Say Thank You For Collaborations

Saying thank you for collaborations is one of the biggest things to do as a podcaster. Collaborations with other podcasters, social media influencers, marketers, or anyone else working in your sphere are some of the best opportunities for your podcast. Say thank you, make it public and personal, and do it without being prompted. 

3. Charity Partnerships

Charity partnerships are the best of the good deeds of podcasting. In every industry, there are charities you can support. If there isn’t one in your industry that jumps out, you can pick any charity! Pair up and give them the influence of your podcast and community.

4. Social Media Shoutouts

The world of podcasts is digital and social. Social media shoutouts, therefore, are one of the most effective ways to say thank you. You can shout out fans, guests, or anyone in your industry who is doing something amazing and deserves appreciation.

5. Learn and Make Continuous Improvements

One way you can continuously express appreciation through your podcast is by learning and making improvements along the way. Maybe it’s learning about a new way to produce your show. Perhaps you need to learn about some new perspectives to round out the information you share. Whatever it is, keep learning, to give your audience the best possible podcast and relationship with you.

The Best Thanksgiving Podcast Episodes

If you’re looking to create some podcast content specifically for Thanksgiving, some great options include episodes about:

  • Gratitude reflections, including personal stories on reflections of what you’re grateful for in work or life.
  • Thanksgiving traditions, either traditional ones or something unique to you and your loved ones.
  • Recipe swap! Do you have a famous family recipe for mashed potatoes? Is there perhaps a secret ingredient to your stuffing mix? Whatever it is, share it! Encourage listeners to do the same over social media.
  • Interviews with gratitude experts. These experts could be therapists, happiness researchers, or life coaches.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving history. Be honest, share the true history, and showcase why we need to acknowledge the past to move forward. We can be grateful for what we have while acknowledging what was stolen and lost.
  • Thanksgiving competitions. Ask listeners to share their best meals, stories, or Thanksgiving traditions, either in a live format or on social media. Get everyone feeling grateful with a slight competitive edge.
  • Highlight a community spotlight. Appreciate people in your community who are doing something exceptional, or who deserve extra love this holiday season.
  • Focus on Friendsgiving. Talk about the history of Friendsgiving, what it can mean, and how people can celebrate. The weekends prior to and following Thanksgiving are the best times to celebrate!
  • Recommend a Thanksgiving movie night. It can be hard to find a Thanksgiving movie. Maybe The Thanksgiving Movie or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Encourage listeners to share their favorite holiday picks. 

The key ingredient to a good Thanksgiving is finding things to be thankful for and toward. Whatever episodes you choose, go forward with gratitude and you’ll find the right content and audience notes of thanks. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving Thanks In Podcasts

The concept of giving thanks and being grateful in many ways is something we can always learn more about. Our answers to these frequently asked questions about giving thanks, particularly in the podcast community, will get you headed in the right direction.

How Do You Say Thank You In a Podcast?

Some options for saying thank you at the end of a podcast episode include:

  • Thank you for listening
  • Thank you for joining this episode of… 
  • Thanks for joining us
  • Thanks for being with us today!

You can also thank your audience very specifically based on the content of the episode. The right way to say thank you depends on your podcast topic, the type of podcast, and your audience.

How Do You Say Thanks to Everyone?

Some of the ways you can thank many people at once are:

  • A classic “thank you.”
  • Thanks a lot! Be careful, this can sound sarcastic if you’re not careful.
  • Many thanks! 
  • I appreciate you all.
  • I’m grateful… 

These options will get you started on expressing gratitude to a group of people. They work in person, or through a live or pre-recorded podcast.

How Do You Express Gratitude In a Creative Way?

You can express gratitude in a creative way, through a few different mediums and word choices. A few options include:

  • I cannot thank you enough.
  • Words cannot express what you mean to me.
  • I’m more grateful than you’ll ever know.
  • I’m eternally thankful.
  • You have my deepest thanks.
  • I’ll never forget how you’ve supported me.

Ultimately, the trick to expressing gratitude in a creative way is speaking from the heart. What does this person or group of people mean to you? What are you grateful for? How would you want to be shown gratitude? 

What Does It Mean to be a Podcast Host?

A podcast host wears many hats, from creator to mediator to reporter to producer. A podcast takes work from many people, but it wouldn’t exist without the host. Hosting a podcast is a lot of work. You have to think about ROI for podcasts and getting podcast sponsors. Writing blogs for podcasts and hiring voice actors are part of your everyday work. 

As a podcast host, you have a lot to juggle and a lot to be thankful for. It’s an immense privilege to have this be your job. How many people can say they get to create a community as their career? Being a podcast host is about the work you do, but mostly, it’s about the people you connect with through your show.

Giving Thanks Through Podcasting: What Are You Thankful For? 

Giving thanks to the podcasting community is something we can and should do all year long. This holiday season is the perfect time to focus on our gratitude and share it with our community and the industry at large. If you’re looking to expand your podcast now or after the holiday season, reach out to Mr. Thrive Media to learn how we can work with you. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving! 

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